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  1. K-smooth----

    heh...i saw both him and "pete" at nation last friday....was funni as hell
  2. Women at Nation

    i kno i was dancin in the circles al fuckin night... and i took a pic, when & where will they be posted?
  3. Roll Call 4 Vicious @ Nation

    does this club have another name & its just called nation on fridayz? if it is, i was just there on friday 4 the first time & was REALLY impressed, the place was crazy....i havent had that much fun at a club in a very long time....crowd was awesome...it was like a mini factory, ahhhhh such a sick night! recommended =)
  4. >>THE Fuzz ROOM at....

    i remember the fuzzy room =) i think i remember 80's music in there tho, i didnt spend a whole lot of time in it....that might have just been on sat nights tho, i used to go for kurfew and on fridayz
  5. whats the fun in taking ........

    does anyone kno how strong those r compared to other pain killers? cuz ive taken percocets & vicodens and never had a problem like this b4.....vicodens just made me really itchy, percs a lil nauseous
  6. whats the fun in taking ........

    i actually had a fucked up experience with pain killers this weekend...i dont kno how strong they are compared to others, ULTRACET? i took 2 at 5 then 2 more at 11 (it said to take 1 or 2 every 6 hrz or so...) i basically laid in bed all night sunday and felt good, relaxed, i enjoyed it. BUT sunday morning i woke up, and then practically passed out in the shower, felt so nauseous, couldnt stand up & ended up being an hour late for work cuz i could barely stand! wtf, i dont kno why i had such a bad reaction to it. esp since i was perfectly fine on them on sunday...i mean i seriously was close to passing out, i had to get outta the shower & was white as a ghost NOT a good feeling...
  7. Why Cant I Pee...

    i dont do anything anymore either, but i did have a few nights that happened to me...it was nights when i did alot of e tho, or e with coke...i think it def has something to do with being dehydrated [along w/ur senses all fucked up] that was the WORST when i couldnt pee! good luck wit that lol
  8. Anyone still go into NYC?

    the only place in the city ive been to in the last yr is roxy.... def wanna check out avalon tho, i didnt get to go when it was limelight, how has it been, and which night is better fri? or sat?
  9. cheating when drunk.....

    dont enable! lol....no drinking for me! well im tryin atleast... and how sarcastic were u being? lol...cuz i must sound like a GREAT catch with a first post like that!
  10. cheating when drunk.....

    when i drink, i usually cant control the amount i drink, end up blacking out & not remembering a single thing that happend...(how i got home, what i did, wheres my bag, my SHOES???) its pretty bad & now i try so very hard to not drink, but its hard being 22 & thats what my friends do! Back to the question tho... i had a bf for 2 yrz, i only had eyez 4 him, loved him very much & would NEVER consider cheating....BUT one night i was with ppl when he wasnt there, got completely trashed (which normally wouldnt happen if he WAS there), and ended up having sex with one of his friends! now i normally wouldnt even look twice at this kid, i didnt have any hidden feelings for him, nothing like that, and til this day still dont kno exactly WHAT happend, but all i kno is that if i WASNT drunk, i never ever would have cheated. nor would i have done SO MANY stupid, horrifying things while ive drunk and almost alwayz blacked out in the past. sadly some ppl may use being drunk as an excuse, but for me i truly have no contol over the things i do & it sux...bad.