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  1. Jonathan Peters New Years Eve...exit

    Well G rod I feel for ya like I said bouncers can be straight up scumbags. I myself have been in some fuked up situations. There is nothing more scary then finding yourself alone in a club cornerd by security. Ask anybody that knows me they will tell ya will tell ya. How ever like I said friends ya got to know people stick with your freinds.Exit is not going to be the same Bobby is going to kick off a realy nice party and hopefully many more. And we both know and have witnessed security ruin a party. Im sure bob wont let the same mistake happen. If you change your mind let me know maybe I can work some magic for ya. We are a close bunch of friends of 150 maybe more. We probably know some of the same cats. Its going to be a great fukin party.Im sure I can guarente that security thing will never happen again did you tell any body about that? Who was throwing the party? wher are you from if you want come check out Nation fridays I promise know bouncers will fuck with you there. Technojunkie, I herd you showed up at nation with frieinds that did not get in because of age? Next time you ask to speek to Jesse I will take care of it that is a promise. Mike mac and Peter Baily this friday. everybody is allowed in my house as long as you are cool and like good music. The only people I dont li ke or throw out are trouble makers or are a threat to the party Every tuesday there are meetings to get invollved theres always jobs available for every body to be part of the party. :party: NATIONLI.COM :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: [email protected]
  2. I would like to say thank you to all for so much suport.Yes the weather has been a real bith and even got me depresed.I lost a little bit of cash do to mother nature but thems the brakes I guesss. Well I look foward to seeing all of you this friday. Everybody is invited to a meeting on tuesday at 8:00pm Be part of the team. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: technojunkie you ask to speek with Jesse next time you ever have a problem at my party!I will deal withit I promise everybody is welcome in my house.
  3. Jonathan Peters New Years Eve...exit

    Why are things so complicated by the cossip and drama or past things that have happend. I f you like great music and want to have a great time go to the party. Ultimatly you are the ones who make it what it is. Yea sometimes knuckle head bouncers and door men can fuck things up. This is not something I like but it is there and in every club you will go to.Some times when I go out I expect to run into a asshole or to at the door because they need that to feel good about themselves. They should not be there some clubs rent security or some guys bring friends to the job. The club or promoter or Johnaton for that matter cant screen every security guard and make sure he is the right guy or girl for the party. Everybody knows most club owners are assholes or just plain stupid. Maybe exit has a bad rap or had bad run all clubs have and always will. I myself have never been there. But I promise you this NOBODY WILL STOP ME BY TELLING ME THAT MARVISSI IS A DICK, THE CLUB SUCKS ,THE SYSTEM OR THE LIGHTS, THE DOOR MAN IS A DICK. The party ! Thats why we go and to be with our frinds. As for J.P. he is and has been a major influence to me. Somebody wrote "I love johnathon he is my favorite dj but I will not step foot in exit" If my favorite dj is playiny on nye for thirty fukin hours for fourty bucks you can count on seeing me there. Go have a good time with your frinds and listen to j.p. I will be looking foword to support both my nigga Bobby and a great fuking party, with a amazing dj,My boy and one of my best freinds Timmy is doing lights. On that note all of my frends will be at one place on nye 2004 this is going to be a party that will make a mark in our hearts. Thanks for putting this one together I have a stupid party to run probably see ya around 9am. NATIONLI.COM