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  1. tameny hall?

    I did have ID.. FYI, the group of girls I was meeting there were NOT checked for ID although some of them did look a little young so I'm not sure if they are that strict or not with the F.. does't your gf have a passport ?
  2. tameny hall?

    I was there for the first time on Wednesday night and yes, they did check for ID. The bartender also asked if I had a "wristband" I do look a little young though.
  3. Visiting New York.......Need Ideas

    2/27 PVD You have two choices on 2/28 depending on your taste of music. Danny Howells @ arc.. should be a great party as this would be his first party of yr 2004 in NYC Ferry Corsten @ Avalon.. can't go wrong with either choice. have fun.
  4. Armin van Buuren

    I thought he was so-so @ Roxy.. But @ arc ? with that sound system and the intimate atmosphere.. for me that was the party of the year.. great crowd.. good vibes.. armin never sounded so good.. come back soon..