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  1. Just what the title says. thx. _billy
  2. Pics of some of my cars....

    nice! I just got my Prodrive Sparco seats in today. I will take pics tomorrow if i can. _billy
  3. James Zabiela @ Pacha Review

    i was there. It was amazing! 1st time, finally seeing him and it was just what i expected and more! Danced pretty much from the time i got through the door till the time i left. Havnet been out dancing in awhile and i got tired and left around 5. Where was everybody hangnin out? I was on the floor to the right of the booth. _billy
  4. James Zabiela spinnin the 17th?

    i will be there tonite. All my freinds are flaking out on me, so i will be there solo. But whatever, i will definitly enjoy the night thats for sure. _billy
  5. The rally car with light pod: The rally car before it was officially the rally car: The L in action before becoming a true monster: Rally car again: The brand new Outback XT LTD: enjoy. _billy
  6. Prodrive P2

    2 different ones. P1: http://www.supercars.net/cars/1761.html Spec C: http://www.autoblog.com/2005/08/18/subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-spec-c-ready-to-rally/
  7. Race Accident Video

    haha, yup. First weekend in April! www.rallynewyork.com Be there!
  8. Arc Pic

  9. SOOOOOOOO goin! I missed him everytime he has come around. This time is not to be missed. So excited. I found him about 2 years ago doin stuff like this! Freakin Amazing! prob listen to him every other day. _billy
  10. Club Avalon

    i would go. Why not? Try it out once maybe twice. IF it totally sucks then you leave and you dont come back. I dont really know much about Russian nightlife nor dj's from there, but i would got just to hear something different and possibly see any kind of different crowd other than cracked out smelly asians at Avalon.
  11. Myspace...

    ^ l l l Freakin hilarious!
  12. Arc Pic

    i miss Arc big time. its like Gabe said the energy that room had was just awesome. The only Be Yourself Friday i had ever been to was the last one. I was at Arc almost every saturday night for about 6 months. Usually, tek, trance, goa, d&b stuff i was there for. Wasnt so much into house at the time. Just amazing there! the sounds and atmosphere and the fact that no spikey-haired guidos from jersey were there causing problems. _billy
  13. Race Accident Video

    nice. thats happened to a few of my freinds. on both sides of the tree, the car and the guy running. Hasnt happened to me yet, but i know its coming. _billy