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  1. CPI's/Hampton Roll Call??

    gonna be at cpi both saturday and sunday definitely cant wait!
  2. What's Good Tonight!!!

    I'm in Vegas for the weekend and have seen the reviews and am thinking that Pure is the place to be. Thing is that on the blueprint review they were not saying anything about PURE being good on Thursday but when I passed by it last night I saw a bunch of hot chics going in and it seemed hopping all night, so I'm kinda confused. I want to go to a place that is not overly packed but still has a good amount of people (prefferably hot chics) and plays a good amount of house/techno/trance.
  3. Girl gets the photoshop treatment

    LMFAO! @ the arc one, good shit!
  4. Official Announcement From WMC 2005 Dates

    yo I haven't been on in litterally 6 months to the day and the only reason I came on is to find some info about wmc and boom here it is, I haven't been to one yet but I hope this one can be my first.
  5. is sound factory still decent...

    ok it seems like avalon is the place to go from what im hearing will anybody else be there tonight i really hope a lot of people go out even though its fuckin freezing out
  6. ok i'm goin to the city tonight with friends and we want to hit a big club is sound factory any good now that jp is gone and if not where is a good big club to go to, downtown uptown midtown whereeverwe'll take a taxi as long as the party is hopping, also we will be there a little early so where is a good place for pregame, i want to check out a lounge/bar any suggestions thanks a lot guys this site rocks ass
  7. hahahaahaaaaaaaaaa theres k smooth hahahahhaa
  8. good club for saturday?

    Me and my friends are going to be going to the city on saturday (1/10) we will be getting there around 11 i want to know if avalon will be good or if there is any other place with a similar vibe as avalon, any suggestions, uptown downtown midtown whatever whereever theres a good party we want to go, thanks
  9. Roll Call 4 Vicious @ Nation

    I'm coming from east on the lie how exactly would i get there i check up on yahoo but it says to take 347 but i know the lie would be quicker, i'm pretty sure its on exit 53 but i may be wrong, thanks
  10. hey guys any suggestions of where i should go in the city today, i'm goin with my buds we should be in the city around 7 so we wana hit up a couple of bars/lounges before we get to the real clubs, any suggestions of bars and clubs to go to and like what times they r good, thanks any suggestions r welcome
  11. What are the biggest freestyle joints of all time?

  12. Trance anyone???

    WE NEED MORE TRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hey, how tall are you? Dude, how tall are you? Hi, how tall are you? haha It gets a little tiring after a while