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  1. Sneakers or shoes to dance to in a club?

    i have been misguided, there still is hope for electronic music clubs....the owners still understand what, sometimes more importantly who, is most important within the scene
  2. New Years In LA

    I'm coming all the way from the Ann Arbor, MI area to go to the Rose Bowl and celebrate my girlfriend's 21st birthday. I was wondering if anybody knew of how these clubs and party organizers deal with entrance if the individual's 21st is at midnight. Also, I wish either a) my friends were all a year older, or BT could have played Together as One like he did in 2000. That would be sweet. The line-up is still pretty amazing, and I can't wait to see it. The Judge during the fireworks, oh man. Also, I really wish I could have brought my friends to the Digweed or Oakey shows, its a shame that this special night demands such stringent controls on their entrance ages, but all the LA parties looks dope.