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  1. Peter Gatien documentary

    This might be helpful to you. I know that Steve Adelman of Avalon and the owners of Crobar, Kenny and Cal all use to work for Peter, so I'm they know him and have learned a thing or two.
  2. Peter Gatien documentary

    I would like to participate in the documentary. How do I reach you?
  3. Where is Peter Gatien

    Hey is Peter's wife, girlfriend whatever, that Korean chick, with him in Toronto? I hear they broke up and he's going out with a writer?
  4. Official Crobar Announcement

    This is really a less than stellar lineup. You would think with all the time you had to think about this you could put something just a tad more interesting together. Sounds like a lot of nonsense going on and it feels as though you are looking for the 18+ crowd. No razzle, no dazzle, no style, nothing remotely new or hip. Come on guys..... I thought you had the best minds in the business there. You are trying so hard to pleeze everyone you are appealing to no one.