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  1. miami scene?

    I visited SF once. But I mostly like New York.
  2. HoNey

    This party sounds like fun! Maybe I'll swing by for a drink or two.
  3. The Barbarians are Coming!!!

    My friends used to call my last boyfriend "Erik the Red!"
  4. come to me my son

    go away!
  5. Liquid Owner #2 FINALLY behind bars

    I thought Chris Paciello and Ingred Casaris owned Liquid. No?
  6. Dizzy (Doubledown, Lowdown) just booked...

    Isn't there an Orlando board? Would people drive all the way from MIA to go clubbing in O-Town? I mean I lived in Port Orange and used to go to O-Town all the time but why would you go there if you're in Miami?
  7. Oscar G live from space CD

    I never really bougt dance cd from Bestbuy cause even though their cheap, usually their old or not that good of a selection. But I got the Oscar G cd from Specs on US1. It's a pretty good cd I like it. Not too into hous emusic but still interesting and fun to hear it.
  8. My first reviwe

    Sorry Chaflas! That was a bit disrespectful thing for me to say. I don't want you to mix it up more as far as what you played. I loved the songs you were playing. Just if they were mixed one going into the other. Bling, I'll be away this weekend cuz of the holidays. Going up to spend it with the fam, you know!
  9. My first reviwe

    Well I was still a bit tipsie when I wrote it but I'm glad you liked it. I'm a bit disappointed about the cover at Crowbar. But oh well. The free drinks made up for it I gues.s!
  10. My first reviwe

    Well I thouht I was going to bed but I decided after not being able to sleep at 11pm that I would go out. So I headed over to Blue as Pod had recommended. It sucked. They were having some problem with their eqipment so there was no dj. They were tryng to fix it. In the end they did but then I left for Crowbar. That was fun. There were soooo many hot guys!!! But I think many were gay cuz they danced relly well!!! NE way, It was fun. Did'nt meet any cp poster there but I had lots of things to drink. Guys were bying me things left and right! I had a good time. The music was ok. First a guy was djing and playing some house and some really synth stuff like electroclash and then a chubby-looking girl played some classic rock songs but not really mixed. A bit of a disappointment, IMHO. But still it was different and everyone was really nice to me. But I had to pay the $20 to get in:(
  11. Thank You Louis Puig Space Owner And Space Staff

    I had never been to Space before (having just moved from up north) but I realize now, after going this past weekend what some people are complaining about. This isn't a nightclub. It's like a chicken farm for KFC!!! Not only was I disappointed but I was also treated with utter disrespect by the bouncers. Is it cause I don't have silicone boobs? All I wanted was to hear what everyone was raving about. Some girls approached me and they must have been on drugs but they were saying strange things to me. Why weren't they refused entrance if they were messed up? Who's responsible for this pandemonium? I'm never going back.
  12. Sasha In Tampa

    Damn it, that's too far away to drive and I won't be in town for WMC. Another time maybe.
  13. Is anybody allowed to...

    ...write a review of a party that they went to and post it on this board? Or do I have to register as a reviewer or something? Who are the people that normally post their review? WHich are the good ones?
  14. .

    How about some text in your posts, jonyquest? I just don't see the point of all this...
  15. Chispa In The Gables

    I've been there as well. It's right by Merrick Park shopping mall. Nice place, I agree.