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  1. tickets are almost goneee... hurry up and grab some...
  3. Life's a Beach @ Spirit, Fri 8/13

    Friday Nights @ Spirit has been the reigning hottest friday night party in new york for the past month and week by week its only getting hotter... The crowd is amazing, the music is retarded, and the times are great... This week we got Johhny Vicious and DJ Dom Capello tearing it up from 10pm till whenever you feel its time to go home... Yes you read the flyer right it's a beach party and we want you to wear your beach clothes so not only your comfortable but you also dont pay b4 12:00pm midnight... We dont stress this enough, girls, bikinis are good to wear, guys, bathing suits are fine by us Dont miss it this Friday August 13th the hottest friday night party in NYC is just getting hotter....
  4. Tonight's the night ladies and gentlemen, Spring Break reunion party @ Roxy occurs... Don't miss the fun with all our contests and great DJ's making this Thursday night something special... And we are free before 12:00 with the pass... Don't miss it
  5. It will be the same DJ Serg who made "L'Italiano" and the same one who dj'ed @ Arena.... We also got Domenick Capello, the same one who made and "Ti Amo".... Then you got Vicious, well everyone knows who he is..... Dont miss this one
  6. Yes sir, it's back.... Roxy comes around for yet another party but this time its not a Sexy at The Roxy party... With promoters from Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn and Staten Island as well as a great deal of word of mouth all across NY this party is guaranteed to be fun... Come and watch the many contests on stage in front of your eyes, as well as the great music from some of the best NYC dj's, and the best, Johnny Vicious... This party is one you dont want to miss....
  7. I stand to oppose this attempt to close nightlife in NYC, the reason I decided to stay here for college is because I am among one of many NYC club promoters who depend on this business not only for money but means of enjoyment. I can't even count on my hands and toes how many people I used to talk to at clubs like Roxy, Exit, or Sound Factory who were from Europe or Africa and traveled thousands of miles to come to enjoy NYC nightlife. We as a whole in NYC depend on nightlife one way or the other believe it or not. If you aren't a dj, promoter, bouncer, club manager, owner, cashier, bartender, guestlist girl/guy, or whatever other jobs are given in nightclubs dont think your not going to be hurt from this. If you work for a printing company, radio station, advertising company, marketing company, magazine, clothes store, or even the hot dog stand on the corner that we all stumble to at 4am because we just danced our lives away, then you are going to be hurt as well. Bloomberg is among one of the most disliked mayors of all time, I am sure the last thing he cares about is our nightlife enjoyment because when you have billions of dollars, you dont need a club to make you smile. Everyone in NYC from all age groups from teens to adults and even seniors who remember what clubs did for them back in the day need to stand up and vote against this law. We all know deep down inside that we dont want to sit home on a weekend night because its 1am and everything is closed. To the people of NYC the sun doesn't rise until 1am, they think they are taking our night, but they are really taking our day.
  8. Why is everyone worrying about who is bringing Tina? Everyone should start worrying about getting a hold of a ticket to this memorable night being tickets are not in unlimited supply... A lot of the tickets are on reserve right now being people are reserving tons left and right... Make sure you get out and get your tickets!!!!
  9. Yea, definitly... I just wanted to explain to everyone how long exactly he would be dj'ing for just incase no one understood the 30hour time frame...
  10. Your more then welcome to stop by at 8:00am, everyone will be there, so will JP, and dont worry bout having to leave by 12... cause if you leave 12pm the day after, JP will still be spinning... If anyone is un-sure exactly how long 30hours really is, If doors open at 8pm on Wednesday night (New Years Eve), 30 hours will make it through Friday morning... Now, someone tell me $40 for a 2 1/2 day party isn't worth it? Hehe...
  11. Just so everyone knows, JP will be spinning for a MINIMUM of 30 hours, which means, the party will last more than 30hours... Your more likely paying $40 for 35 or more hours ... It will be 18+, doors will open at 8pm sharp, there will be a special celebration as the ball drops at 12:00am... Now it's time to do your part, get out there, reserve your tickets ASAP being there is a limited supply...
  12. Where are the hot bartenders? shot girls? waitresses? promoters? dancers? list girls? and cashiers? These girls are half the reason why guys in New York enjoy their club experience more... I am a club director for clubs across NYC and am in search for the hottest girls out there looking to bring in some extra cash weekly... Any girls interested, post a message and we'll be in contact... -Morgan T (Club Promoter/Director NYC) Where to go NYE? Try Jonathan Peters @ Exit... Dj'ing 30+ hours... Tickets on sale $40 each... Visit here and reserve yourswww.JPNEWYEARSEVE.com
  13. I think that bringing Jonathan Peters to Exit on one of the biggest club nights of the year was a great idea. Bringing in a great DJ to bring some of the best music from around the world into the city, is going to help bring music back alive (although he was at Factory every saturday)... Right now the club industry is so surrounded by clubs that survive on performances, or live radio broadcasts because people aren't into the music as much anymore... Here you are offered a party, the biggest party to hit NY in god knows how long, for only $40, and you get to stay for 30+ hours... On top of which this is the first time in 5+ years Jonathan Peters can be heard at an 18+ party, although Factory afterhours was very young... There is no doubt that JP will show up, there are no strings or shady opperations going on behind any closed doors... Passing up this opportunity would be one to regret.... -Morgan T