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  1. How was Nation Last Night

    Hands down another sick fuckin night @ the nation Rob James is one talented mother fucker Sheldon came on and was playing jam after jam the crowd was eating out of his hands during the entire set... Then JOHNNY VICIOUS Holy Shit He Fuckin tore the roof off of the place! The place when nuts when he got into the DJ booth! The 2 Times Johnny has played @ Nation he has been awsome, you heve never truly heared Johnny spin till you see him here. He totally brings his A game to the table. Trance, Progressive, House he had the dancefloor filled. Sick Night Can't wait till friday Chris & Kai spinnin should be another good night!
  2. NATION 1/30 Review

    I heared rumors that Britney Spears was there last night. They had the back VIP area roped off but it was mad dark their were 2 girls back there and I guess they orgered a bottle. The one girl really looked like Britney
  3. Is Asseteria happening tonight?

    Asseteria on LI FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!! Whos IN!!!!!
  4. This week on No Cover............

    it says 11:30 on Telemundo 2 Mun2 most cable carriers have it! The show kicks ass!
  5. Roll Call KC @ Nation

    I heared KC open for robbie rivera at hom this summer and he set it off! it will be awsome to hear him @ peak hour! I also heared his show on KTU after David Morales last saturday morning INSANE! as a paying customer let me tell you this party kicks ass week after week! last week KC was just chillin out and so was DJ Razor. I thought I saw Kazpa the rave DJ hangin out too Boris shoud up and spun a suprise after hours set totally unannounced. I wonder who is gonna be there this week hangin out?
  6. NATION reviews (Rob James & Johnny V)

    All I have to say is I have been there every week and as a paying customer let me tell you it is far from "hype". I give the people behind this party alot of credit they have the balls to put an awsome soundsystem into this place and bring in some sick djs to tear it up every week. Every dj that has spun there so far has been nothing short of amazing. From the dj's I have heared of before and even the djs ive never heared of (like the guys that spun the party in the blizzard) I think it's a cool pic. I was there when that pic was taken @ the end of the night. They had the lights on and music off for about 10 minutes before JV played someone to hold. Pretty Cool Encore! as for nation keep it happening!
  7. Nation

    Mike and Peter were sick!!!! The thriller remix that Peter Bailey played was insane not to mention his re-edit's of Jule McKnight- Diamond Life Everyone has to show some love to Matt and his crew! This party is SICK and people bitch that the music sux at LI clubs but this is a diamond in the rough. Tell all your friends we need to make this party last. Mirage and Sahara are nice but this is the real deal, the sound system is crazy, the lights are nuts. Matt I heared you spun the night of the blizzard for a while to bad I missed it. Come out Friday and support HOUSE MUZIK! Low End Specialists and Rob James!
  8. Nation Tomorrow Anyone going?

    wow and the low end specialists next week! FINALLY a club that gets it!
  9. Macaluso & Bailey tomorrow!
  10. Adriana Sage

  11. jonyquest