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  1. Straightening Irons

    Remington Wet 2 Straight! You can straighten your hair when it is wet. I don't normally do that but this is without a doubt the best straightener I have ever had. I straighten my hair just about everyday and this one doesn't seem to damage my hair as much as other straighteners in the past. It was only around $45 so it was a good deal also.
  2. Def agree with you. Last year was my last summer ever dealing with the Hamptons ever.
  3. Dolce & Gabbana; sample sale!

    Sample sales are pure chaos!
  4. Sullivan Room Pics

    Awww it's Rob. You are the best!! Take some pictures for me from JP's party.
  5. Jonathan Peters This Saturday !!!

    Cool. Have fun & don't do anything I wouldn't do.
  6. Jonathan Peters This Saturday !!!

    I know I know I suck ass!
  7. Jonathan Peters This Saturday !!!

    I have to do something with my parents Sunday morning. So basically I need to make sure I am coherent that counts out all JP parties.
  8. Jonathan Peters This Saturday !!!

    The sad thing is you are so right Rob. LOL!
  9. Jonathan Peters This Saturday !!!

    I saw him spin last time he was up there I had a really good time. I'm pissed I can't make it this time. Oh well!
  10. oil stain...grrr

    Yeah you are right especially if you put them in the dryer. The heat makes the stain set even more. I got cranberry juice on a white jacket on NYE & I sent it to the dry cleaners and they got it out. You should atleast give that a try.
  11. May he rest in peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL..I'm half polish but I have to admit that was great.
  12. Party Reviews?

    JP did GREAT @ Warehouse. He definitely proved to me that he still has it in him.
  13. Just Landed In Miami (it's Hot)

    I'm down to my last 48 hours...