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  1. Partying in Boston

  2. Partying in Boston

    Hey guys, I'm the editor of www.residentadvisor.net - global dance music website and will be in Boston in a few months and was wondering were the good places to party are. I'm into various sounds like, Howells, Cass, Stadius, Porter, Phil K etc. Cheers in advance for the help. Regards, nick
  3. Hey NYC

  4. Hey NYC

    Danny T and Danny H are certainly two things that im keen to see whilst in town, i would have loved to visit the old Twilo after hearing so much about it. I'm also thinking of heading to Chicago for a week, is it worth going there? Not just nightlife wise, but in general?
  5. Hey NYC

    thanks mate, is ARC a nice spot?
  6. Hey NYC

    Hey New Yorkers, I'm the Editor of online global dance music website www.residentadvisor.net and will be in NYC in April this year and was wondering what you recommend that i check out whilst in town. Centro-Fly will no doubt get a visit, but what else should i see, will Danny Howells be in town for a Arc gig? Cheers for all your help and its a nice message board you guys have here. nick