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  1. Faarsheed Ranked in DjMag Top250!

    Very proud. We've been telling our database to vote for him for sometime. -lalate.com
  2. The $25K Pyramid Reputation Thread

    Got phatman, chris, and daryl. Still owe daryl and chris one each
  3. I love California Beach Girls ....

    I think most of Rhode Island agrees with you. Move to LA ... I got a tan yesterday! Stunning weather today! Pool party mansion party tonight ! (see CP-LA board)!
  4. I love California Beach Girls ....

    Totally true. There is a strange phenomen (sp) in LA of girls that are average looking that come onto us guys and we think .. "hmmm, maybe this will be easier cuz she's sooo average looking"... well, most of hte times, these average looking girls turn out to be extremely rude. I always say - good looking people are generally (not always) more happy.
  5. I love California Beach Girls ....

    It's true some people have attitude. But the ones of us that dont have attitude, muah in include, hang only with others that similarly dont have attitude and when we walk into some club in Hollywood and some average looking girl with average looking body has attitude like she's a friggensupermodel or something we just laugh at them, sometimes, we actually just run them out of the club. Once at White Lotus my buddy told me to aks a girl where she was from (foreign) (we sort of knew the answer cuz she was the same ethnicity as my buddy) the girl refused to respond to my question, to which my buddy walked over, went right up into her face and in her language said "cant you answer a stupid question you ego maniac." But believe me, 20 minutes later, met the coolest chicks, super nice, approachable, etc. And dont get me wrong, the guys are even worse. You can be talking to some chick in a club about just non-sexual stuff (business, etc) and their bf comes around the corner and goes totally bullistic on you and youre like "hey, buddy, just cuz i was chatting with ur girl doesnt mean i wanta fuck her. Geez get a life dude lol" But along the beach, actually, no attitude generally. All the attitude is stripped, along iwth the clothes . :D And thats where the cali-luvin-begins!
  6. I love California Beach Girls ....

    There is good and bad people everywhere. The only thing better than having a girl all over you on the sand with the smell of all that heat, and persperation, and that wonderful suntain lotion <that smells so great on both you you get so horny>, rubbing between her fine breasts and all over your chest ... the other thing better than that, well, is having a girl all over you in the water (and all over you under the water) on a Cali beach
  7. I love California Beach Girls ....

    I just got in from this club in LA - called Clear - and this girl around midnight was totally grabbing my pecs and I got so pissed at myself cuz I realized I left my suntan lotion at home. lol j/k
  8. I love California Beach Girls ....

  9. I love California Beach Girls ....

    Just got back from running on the beach (which havent done for the last few weeks) and the beach was stunning with bright skies. I ran pass the spot on this major street next to the beach where I parked about a year ago this time and it brought back memories of the girls of LA beaches 2003 ... like a year ago this time, just as spring was coming out, sun was strong, and I was standing next to the car in my board shorts applying tanning lotion ... then suddenly these 2 jaw dropping smoking about 5'10'' 26 year old girls walk up and one says point blank first words "I'll rub some on ur back if you want" I said ... ummm YESSS! and she proceeded to not just me down on the back but then, reapply, and reapply, then volunteered to rub my pecs, my abs, right there on a busy street, feeling my whole body up ... i never had so much play with my pecs and lotion on a sunday afternoon! And then, a few weeks later, I took this (unbenownst to me) NUDIST!!! chick to the beach who suddenly decides to go topless and would have gone naked in the beach if I didnt tell her "this aint the south of france, baby!" ... and then applying lotion all over her topless body as she layed on her stomach with my happy camper in my board shorts stuck right up in that babygotback booty -- and then of course, the female cop stopping by and telling her "honey, you got great breasts, but you gotta cover them up here" I just luv LA girls at Spring time at the Beach! Here's to a Super Beach Life this 2004!
  10. Fuckin bitches,...

    Most studies on this subject have found that one of our every 20 guys have made the idiotic mistake of telling the girl he hates her while getting blown. The result was well ..... <OUCH!!!>
  11. hey fellas

    A girl and I were once laughing about going on the 5th Wheel togehter and not tell the casting director that we knew each other and within the first 10 minutes of the show going to the 20 second room and going at it in there for the rest of the episode - it would have been classic
  12. hey fellas

    And what's even better is getting to your girl's house after being booty by her called during your perfectly fine workout where your lifitng more at the gym than the God and two hot girls are hitting on you and you're like - okay - i'm on my way - and rushing over to the girl's place to have some luvin only to jump into bed literally, have the friggen 10 cent matress collapse in the springs, all while some episode of ER is playing about some kid choking up blood from swallowing a penny and you try thinking to yourself - thank god she doesnt cook, cuz i'm out of her in 20 minutes. And you leave. Now that's the best!
  13. Bachelor Party/Whores w/ dildos..

    Im telling my buddy (whoz married and lives vicariously through single yo) to tell his buddy (the groom to be) to readddd this cool post and do this ... I think their party is this weekend. If I have any cool updates, will post em back!
  14. Bachelor Party/Whores w/ dildos..

    Im telling my buddy's buddy to do this for his bachelor party for saturday in florida !
  15. She's Such a Dirty Little Girl. Just Look at that Smirk

    Alright. So it's my first bad thread. My Gigli of Threads. My bad. so about those lakers .... lol