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  1. Wonderbar - Saturday August 13th - Tom Bartlett & Morgan Hadley

    Line privileges at wonderbar... no fucking way....
  2. 9-11 12 hour benefit *LINEUP!!!*

    wait but like 3 of those dj's play the same shit (raples, adildo and mama) so what are we gonna hear like 5 house remixes of 'doncha'?
  3. Twilight Thursdays @ Europa

    yes i love standing around drinking overpriced drinks with a bunch of meatheads with zero dance space......no I wouldn't rather go to Rumor, Underbar or Aria,Avalon (worst cases)
  4. Joe Mama sat

    3 pack basic white/black for 16.99 @ Filene's basement....sic...
  5. Joe Mama sat

    No cookie, in boston its not 1-10, its 1 to (tuesdays at Rumor) how stuck up, Centerfolds-working, and former porn-star was the crowd?
  6. The "Redic Sick" Weekend Thread

    My weekend will be as follows:
  7. MySpace

    right, and I was handing out marlboros cuz 'i'm nice'...
  8. Plastic Sex / Sunday the 6th

    so where the fuck is this shit? I have nothing to do on sunday, after work....