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  1. Djais closed!!!????

    someone must have alottttttttttttttttt of times on their hands holyyyyy shittttttttt GET A LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe bad choice of names good story but names as neighbor Phat Ho lol threw it off
  2. >>> Promoters Wanted <<<

    i hope it was meant to say 1000 cause if 100 lol can we stayyyyyyyyyyyy RETARDEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD promote it urself then lol
  3. Which Jersey Dj will blow up the most in Miami?

  4. 118 lounge..

    118 lounge is definitely hotttttt on sats nights music keeps the crowd on its feet dancing all night long.....def should go for ur bf's partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy whoaa always a good time.......
  5. The top ten clubs in the U.S.

    this is for the retard that said best clubs in the US how can u have about five from NJ then mmmm guess u dont get out much how about just saying best clubs in the east coast cause not one was mention from the west buttttttt then again i guess the west coast isnt part of the US lol.....plus u are comparing these clubs that hold 400 people compared to clubs that hold about 2000 for instance boston clubs i been there plenty of times and its insane like a classier NYC sooooooooooo when u post threads be specific RETARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD if u said east coast i probably wont write this but then again probably would...
  6. Visiting Boston...

    avalon is hot on fri nights with special dj www.avalonboston.com or maybe the matrix www.djadilson.com clcik on fri nights to see some pics then on sat he plays at the roxy which is always a good place but then dont know if u want the big club scene if u do those are the hot spots more loungy are www.ariaboston.com very upscale and pravda 116 is also upscale lounges....doesnt really mattter where u are staying just take a cab shouldnt cost much i went to college in providence but went to boston a lot of times hope this helpsss
  7. Last night @ FUEL !!!

    def was a good time last night.....keep it going fellasssssssssss newark is on the riseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. Sunday Night at 118 Lounge

    cutze mmmm why dont u send me ur pics lol and i will buy u some shots see if u are worthy ahah dont be shy
  9. Saturday 02.14.04 @ FUEL - Dj Carlos Realm

    carlos realm ripped up 118 last night cant wait tos ee what he does at fuel....
  10. 118 Lounge again 2night!

    mellisssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am going to kill ur friend Jennifer hahhaah she knows why lol.....118 was offf the hookkkkk last night Carlos played an off the hook set for real. but melissa ur friend is going to get it hahahhaha see u guys next weekend its always fun
  11. 118 Lounge again 2night!

    melissa are u going to get me to buy u another bottle of cris hahahahah cause my pocket is running low and tell cherly she needs to bring those gurls she brought last time......i should make it there tonight have to run to hoboken for a bit for one of my friends bday bash
  12. Saturday 02.14.04 @ FUEL - Dj Carlos Realm

    def be there for the 14th see carlos spin at 118 then afterhours at fuel its going to be hot cant wait ........
  13. Tonite Special Invite Party @ FUEL

    planetgroove best of luck man honestly hope u the best....i will be at fuel supporting u peaceee
  14. Tonite Special Invite Party @ FUEL

    its ONNNNNNNNNN now u are talking shit about meeeeeeeee i didnt say shit about u i was saying shit about the place u want to play games alright funny thing is i know who all u guys are and u guys have no clue who i am but thats cool u will soon trust me.....lol see who is going to have the last laugh please dont take this as a threat k no need for the bullshit remarks about me cause u going to hate how i felt when i went there i spoke the truth so dont hate on me and no need to reply.....i will go to the dj booth at fuel and say whats up lol
  15. Tonite Special Invite Party @ FUEL

    haters no haters here man planetgroove just stop promoting ur own shit lol thats all u are trying to do and thats why u are trying to end this message board......but then again iw asnt on anything to enjoy the music like everyone else was but if the music was really good do i have to be on something to enjoy it mmm i dont think so.........the place was soo bumpin me and my friends walked right in didnt even check our ids or even check us mmmm thats a good way to let minors and drugs into the place whoaahooaa i am done with this message board.....but i will be back there lol just go a little earlier i guess