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  1. NATION roll call....

  2. NATION roll call....

  3. NATION roll call....

  4. NATION roll call....

  5. NATION roll call....

    This will be good to friends for years about to wage war upon each other.I think the music will be fuckin sick uou know each one of these guys are going to pulling out there best bangers. It is also timmy lights birthday nationli.com for more info
  6. I heard that BLACK has no lights

    Let me just tell you guys have no idea about what the fuckin lights they have in store. The light show will be the best in new york. The sound I cant even explain you thought s.f. had it just wait. NATIONLI.COM Chris and Kai yoshitoshoi records realease party fri 27th:D
  7. Back by demand last time they played was the best party and vibe. So now they will be back to have a grat time.
  8. Nationli.com Boris role call

    bottom line this is my party so if any body would defend it would be me. Thank you for everybody who has defemded there nation. I did not put this post up for you guys to start a a argument. Just wanted people to know. Yea 40oz is fuckin right. No matter what we do ITS LONG ISLAND. Dont think I am giving in but It is a very very hard thing what I am trying to do. Everybody attacked the guy. HOW EVER you basically said it sucked so you are never going to come again in your first post. So thats o.k. you are intitlled to your opinion. But dont say the party is good and we are doing everything right or you whould have not posted. And Anthony will not be back for a while. We have some great plans coming up. every party I go to sme good some bad. But never give up on your NATIONLI.COM:hat: oNE MORE THING tecknojunkie thanks TRY AND FIND ME I WILL BUY YOU A DRINK ALWAYS YOU HAVE BEEN A TROOPER SINCE THE FIRST NATION POST I APPRCIATE THAT MAN
  9. This Friday D.J. Boris at Naton The Blue Party.
  10. Nation

    The low end specialists on the 13th Sheldon Romero along with a secret guest on the 20th:)
  11. where was this picture takin?
  12. give me a break with this shit . I swear to god it never ends.get a few d.j.s for the bill .
  13. If you live on L.I. & love house music

    I love house muzik and I live on long island. Its realy funny to hear people talking about heffrons. I hope every one will be attending nation this friday. It is a very hard promotion and the party realy needs suppurt. Nation is the only true underground party on long island. I am starting to think it is to underground. This week K.C. Anderson will be spining and Timmy on lights. The admission 5 bucks. nationli.com for more info:letsgo: