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  1. Who's On First

    This week is DJ Spindler (has done shows in LA, Lousianna, Texas, all over) spinnin all the new tracks (hip hop, top 40) 19 Yawkey Way Ladies are in free before 11:30 PM with a flyer Mad people will be there... there's a sox game that ends around 10. peace
  2. GOnna Be in Miami this weekend

    Hey, I'm gonna be hittin up Miami this weekend cause I got this deal for a free flight anywhere in the world if I bought two tickets to florida before april 15th... only problem is I spent all my money on the fuckin ticket! Nah but I have some spending cash, so I'm down to party all night, check the sunrise and sleep on the beach. I'll be in on Thursday... If you know anything cool goin down (any electronica shows? good DJs? raves?... post on the thread and maybe we can meet up. peeace ---------dj swissnine---------