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  1. Crystal Meth?!?!?

    I have never done tina, but I hear about the effects of it all the time and how it is the hardest drug to stop taking. Really horrible horrible effects. I have heard that even if you are lucky enough to stop, if you were using regulary before, your brain is going to be all fked up and you will probably never be normal again. It is really sad to see so many young people getting hooked when the consequences are so widley known. I saw the documentury on HBO also, I wish that everyone who even thought of taking this drug would watch it - it might save some people some heartache. They don't call it the devils drug for nothing....
  2. Your first e roll...

    It was the summer of 1997 - I was 17 years old and at a house party in my home state of RI... had no clue what it was, someone just handed it to me and told me I would feel great so I took it (I was crazy like that back then). Did some crazy things that night I did not remember too well the next morning. Was drinking and smoking weed when I took it too so maybe did not get the true effects. Did not hear of it or do it again til December 1998... thats when the real party started, and did it contantly for awhile after that.
  3. Ex Ta CY prOBlEm

    Speaking from experience, what you are doing now is not too bad... however if you are only doing like 1 pill a weekend now, be prepared to be wanting much more then that if you continue. I started with 1 pill every weekend and then shortly had to take 2 at a time to get the same feeling as 1, then even took like 5 or 6 one night without even getting the same feeling as the first 1 I took. You build up a tolorance after doing it every weekend and that is when you may develop some kind of problem with it. When I was doing it alot, after I stopped, I was very very depressed for like 2 years. I could not goto a club without thinking about it, and I thought about that rolling feeling every day. It is proven that constant X usage decreases the seratonin in your brain which is the pleasure producing chemical. Less of that, more depressed you are. It has been about 4 years since I used on a regular basis and I no longer think about rolling all the time, and I am no longer as depressed as I used to be... I can also goto clubs now just drinking and nothing else - imagine that! Everything is okay in moderation, but I know how hard it is to use in moderation when the rolling feeling is so incredible you wish you felt like it all the time. The only way I could get away from it was moving out of state, away from everyone I knew who did, and never talking with them again. Got to do what you got to do I guess. Good luck to you! Try to keep it fun - try not to get much of a tolorance.