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  1. tried 2c-b for the first time...

    i love this shit. i only got my hands on it once but i had a hell of a good time. first thing i felt was that i was flying, colours and lights became very intense and painful for the eyes but no hallucinations whatsoever, i just basically laughed my ass off for hours. good stuff.
  2. MDA vs. MDMA

    did i ever say it wasn't? i said nothing even remotely resembling such a thing. that doesnt change the fact that it must first be a powder before it is a pill
  3. Everything you need to know about E

    "i thought these imbalances or the depletion could be corrected by medication?? someone help me out here"-tommyarmani actually there is no such thing as correcting serotonin imbalances. anti-depressants do the job temporarily but when you stop taking them you are normally worse off then when you started because your body begins to depend on the outside supply, it starts to produce less on it's own. in addition there is no actual proof that any given anti-depressant raises your serotonin levels, they know it makes people happier but as of yet, they dont know how. it is common knowledge know-a-days that serotonin is the reason for all these depression issues but no one actually knows for sure. this is comming from an ex-psychiatrist of mine and mdma actually burns holes in your brain tissue. VISIBLE holes.. i'll try to find the pictures again
  4. MDA vs. MDMA

    yeah and what happens after it becomes crystalized? it's powder at that stage just like anything thats put into a pill is first a powder... good one!
  5. i cant find fucking k anywhere

    anyone here ever had hospital grade k? it is the shit... one little bump and you're fuckt for the night... it is for humans and not cats after all! if you have any doctor friends then it's a definite must get. it's called ketalar... but not all ketalar is hospital grade
  6. MDA vs. MDMA

    and btw i highly doubt that those pills you think are mdma are really mdma... for example, street pcp here is called mescaline... and all mdma starts out as a powder...
  7. MDA vs. MDMA

    uum.. actually all mdma and mda here are powdered. i have gotten it in pill form before and it did crumble... but its easy to get ripped off for e if you're going for the pills. i can't see why anyone would want to sell it in pills if it wasn't e. of course i guess that all depends where you're from... but around here mdma pills are unheard of... if you get that you know it's fake. only reason i've ever seen em is cause a friend of mine made them himself, but he couldnt sell them so he ended up crushing them back into capsules... plus if you get a capsule you have more choice swallow=40% sniff=60% up the anus=90% (not recomended)
  8. What sign are you are you Ethnic background you from

    i'm kinda a mut too...im an aquarius of irish, greek and german, ppl say that's a wierd mix... i guess i'd have to agree.
  9. Crystal Meth

    first of all... buying a pill of speed and taking meth are two very different things... on speed you feel clear headed and you are clear headed, on meth you feel clear headed but you are psycho. you do things you dont realise you're doing but you really think you know whats happening cause you just feel so fucking sane. i have a lot of friends who have become meth heads and trust me they do not know whats happening, and they frequently get into extremely outragous and ridiculous yelling at the top of your lungs and not remembering it the next day kind of things. the first time i took it i was sitting in a corner shaking for hours and ppl were telling me this while it was happening trying to calm me down but i yelled at them and called them crazy.. i thought they were trying to attack me. i didnt remember anything of what really happened, just replacement memories and i was up for three days wanting to kill myself as well, this stuff is SHIT and it made all my friends PSYCHO. ive never seen such fuckt up ppl in my life
  10. what are the yayo prices in your area

    well actually im not very into coke and i dont know how ppl treat the situation in that case, but when i speak of getting ripped off it's cause i know a lot of street dealers do that with weed... so if anyone ever tries to charge you 20$ a gram... be aware you're paying double no matter how good it is.
  11. MDA vs. MDMA

    i personally prefer mdma to mda. it depends what you want though. mdma is more of a social thing, mda is well... more of a head trip. they can come in any colour of capsule.. a lot of ppl buy big bags and cap it up themselves, so never rely on that. and NEVER buy mdma or mda as a pill EVER. the simple reason being because you cant put mdma into a pill unless it is extremely unpure... it will crumble too much. if you get it in a pill you should know that its laced with dirty shit.
  12. what are the yayo prices in your area

    in montreal the standard is 40$ a gram, but ive seen it anywhere from 35-50. usually it is the same price whether it is amazing or just crap. but a lot of ppl here try to rip off americans cause they know drugs are usually more expensive there and usually they're easy to spot ( no offense) so your best bet is to pretend you're from toronto if you ever plan on buying drugs here