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  1. Already snowing in the Northeast

    fucking hate the snow
  2. studio 4

    I sure hope so. Can't waitttttt
  3. What the [email protected] is GALLERY?

    There's also one in NYC in the Gershwin Hotel on 27th Street.
  4. Happy Hour anyone??

    it's a titty bar in rahway
  5. Happy Hour anyone??

  6. You can meet someone anywhere....you never know
  7. Viscaya Sat Night

    i went on a saturday night. it's actually pretty good. the front room is all different mixed music, back "bottle service only vip room" is house music. i liked it even though the clientele are on the SNOBBY side.
  8. And The Countdown Begins....11/20 Deko

    I'm coming too....and I'm off Friday haaaaaaaahaaahaa
  9. And The Countdown Begins....11/20 Deko

    Joe- 11/18.....Deko
  10. rumor

    Paris is so hot
  11. Important Studio 4 and Studio 9 question!!!

    I always look cool jk...only 2 people saw me.