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  1. mens belts

    Dolce has some really good belts, also check out Versace or Gucci...you can get brand new ones off of ebay with tags and everything for $60-120+ I really liked some of the Dolce Gabbanas though-sweet designs
  2. Faux Hawk?

    zna sta, predomislio sam se....icu kod brice i recu mu da me sisa na Casu ! bwhahahaha
  3. Post your DRUNK pics...

    you so sexy bella, keep it up
  4. Faux Hawk?

    damnit can't find any pics but here's one that is lil too dark.
  5. Faux Hawk?

    I've been growing out my hair a little and it's time to do something different with it. I'm thinking about getting a Faux Hawk but dunno if the cut's being overplayed or not...I mean to me it's still kinda edgy and cool. What do you all think?
  6. Post your DRUNK pics...

    I'm from Yugoslavia....you get shot if you look at someone wrong there lol nah I gotcha, just messin around
  7. Post your DRUNK pics...

    you started though...so I see no reasoning in your response
  8. psychics...

    I'd be freaked out if it was very specific information. Usually psychics just go over the general stuff and therefore sound like they know what they're talking about. But people that can foresee certain events I definetely believe in. Deja Vu occurs to me often too, at places I've never been before so there are definetely visions out there.
  9. Post your DRUNK pics...

    hehe jebiga moras "represantirat" ili kako se u ovim krajevima kaze Reko sam Tati preko telefona da sam se tako bio za Halloween.... i on me pita " I staje posebno natome" lol
  10. Post your DRUNK pics...

    dgmodel= metrosexual without balls
  11. Post your DRUNK pics...

    Here's one from Halloween. Fook spending $40+ when you can get a speedo for $15, talk in thick Eastern-European accent (I'm from Yugoslavia originally), chain-smoke and get your ass grabbed by girls all nite
  12. stressed out.

    all depends on what type of person you are, where you live, what you do (professionally and in your spare time) and what people you surround yourself with. I agree that life is sorta a roller coaster but my "i'm happy" and "i'm doing well" phases are always longer than the shitty ones.
  13. I, Robot

    what do you base your critique on? I thought the movie had a pretty good blend of everything in it...yea Will was portrayed very homoerotic in the movie and whatever but the movie made you think about the possibility of harmony between robots and humans down the line. 2 of my friends that went are Computer Science majors and will probably get into AI down the road so it lead to fairly interesting discussion.
  14. What's happening in Europe this summer???

    I thought the love parade is no more...they wanted to move it to Munich but the city denied them.
  15. Minute Man

    haha buuurneed, nice job Roxy