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  1. Jobs.....

    i'm more afraid of getting robbed or beaten up in a small side street than at a platform or in a train (there are video cameras for sure, aren't there?)
  2. Jobs.....

    wich places in NYC would you define as "criminal at night" or "dangerous"? i'm not really informed, but is the whole bronx a risk at night?
  3. Jobs.....

    where are you from?
  4. Jobs.....

    hehe, true ... it will be a big difference to europe with the drinking laws in NYC. when i get there i will be 20 yrs old -> no club-life for me then for a few months ... *sad* i've also heard that smoking is soooooo expensive in NYC. and that u r not allowed to smoke at bars, restaurants or cafés. is it true that it is illegal to drop the zigarette on the earth when you're finished? am i allowed to smoke outside?! *desperated* ;-)
  5. Jobs.....

    thanks for ur answers! nightline is public transportation at night, but i think in NYC the PT drives through the night ... is it dangerous to use them at 3 am or anything like that?
  6. Jobs.....

    am i allowed to handle alcoholic stuff too?
  7. Jobs.....

    i don't try to jack anything ... i just think it's more useful to have one thread about the topic "jobs" than ten. maybe i would be qualified for that, but i would favor to work as a secretair or anything less exhausting. do i have to be over 21 yrs old to work at a nightclub in NYC?
  8. Jobs.....

    hi all, i live in austria (vienna) and have plans of moving to NYC in june 05 for 14 months (doin some social work over there). i work as a bartender at a poshy bar here in vienna while i take my studies. do you know where i can find a well-payed part-time job in NYC? any suggestions, any ideas? what net loan could i expect per hour? i'll bring the a-levels with me when i come to NY. do you think NYC is an expensive place to live? what entry fees do you normally pay for going out? how much are the drinks (some examples pls :-)). i already surfed the net looking for appartments - they all were quite expensive, seems like housing in NYC isn't cheap. but what are about the daily stuff like sushi, drinks ... especially the public transportation: how much is a ticket for one month or one year? do you have "nightlines" in NYC, wich bring you through the night? thanks for your reply, stefan