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  1. Hi! I'm New!

    why ask when you're not going to see them?
  2. Hi! I'm New!

    Ã’h that's okay. I can take it. Just don't expect me to start trashing anyone here because I'm not like that. Where I'm from...we are way too nice! hahaha.....I love travelling to the states, but I`m not to thrilled about the politics.
  3. Hi! I'm New!

    What makes you think that I'm looking for a green card? I'm quite happy were I live. And I don't need to use anyone to get a green card.
  4. Hi! I'm New!

    i don`t live in the states
  5. Hi! I'm New!

    no, I am not here to solicit.
  6. Hi! I'm New!

    How rude!!! hehe... in due time my dear!
  7. Hi! I'm New!

    hmmm.....looks like I'm going to have to find myself a sexy avatar and sig!
  8. Hi! I'm New!

    nope. don't even know that show. sorry!
  9. Staticy hair

    Dab some conditioner or moisturizer on your fingers and rub only on the ends of your hair. Not too much because then it'll look greasy.
  10. Hi! I'm New!

    Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie! This board looks absolutely bonkers!!