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  1. top 10 choonz of the week preparing for conference

    This is by far, my pick. Don't know if it will get conference coverage; all depends where the genres go. http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=5150A035506FD70D
  2. Best set ive heard in a while

    Brian - uhh you could have just gone here. You can even download the track file so you can jump from song to song if you burn it. Glad we can finally agree. bitch. http://skoof.us/download.html
  3. We went way off topic. But VERY good point above. But im not talking about the vibe. Re read it to try to see what i was trying to get say. i aplogize if the post didnt make to much sense.
  4. When people loved pots and pans, there was a smaller subgroup that used to listen to disco house and funk. As far as i remember. 80% of the people in the NYC scene would say(97-2k) "Thats soo cheesy"..(or) its sounds "gay"..."It sounds like disco...i need something i can feel..something hard" BLAH BLAH Now, stuff like roger sanchez - turn on the music are loved by the majority of the dance culture participants in ny. So my question is. what happened? does something need to be widely spread and loved by many for people to give it a chance and be like.."yeah its good..i like it" because it seems that so many people can hear a song..and say.."eh..its ok" but after the radio plays it and it starts getting widespread exposure in club(or whatever). People are like..OHHH I LOVE THAT SONGGG! - I hope he plays it! (when originally on their first listen, they werent too moved. So when did funk house become so popular? (dont tell me it always was..cause it was....... IN EUROPE NOT NYC (minus the gay culture-JV etc) it was "gay" in NYCfor soooo long, up until a few years ago when it started getting played(mainstream) and people starting using terms like...its happy..uplifting..REAL house "not that pots and pans shit". Sems like people pre program themselves with reasons as to why they like something...after hearing others say it. BUT WHERE DID THE THOUSANDS OF "hard house" fans go..with their ..FUNK HOUSE IS SOO GAYYYYY attitude? not looking to argue..just curious.. comments?
  5. ^ OMG... hahahhahaha This thread is getting pointless and funny. no membername, i didnt know you were a baseball fan?..lol
  6. Truex, although i agree with alot of the shit you post, I have to say Mutual IS a CLASSIC track. Thats from 98, so it definitly qualifies as the genre promoted for the event. To be honest though, the mix you mentioned seems a little bit hard compared to some of the tracks that were listed on another post. How can you go from cheese to HARD old school nyc house? You sure this is the one played (the attachment is the only copy i found on limewire) Im glad I didnt go, but the only upside to those parties are the dumb ass cumpdumpsters that roam around just ACHING for a cock in any hole.
  7. FREE/LEGAL Track Download

    ^ Its gotta be fawking insaneeee on a club system.
  8. FREE/LEGAL Track Download

    Sick Track I had the original mixdown. It was pretty sweet, but this sounds ALOT cleaner. Who's distributing the white label?
  9. who keeps moving threads to promotions?

    no. I REALLLLLY wanted to get all the info for the gotti teen bash. Those stickies are quality info
  10. who keeps moving threads to promotions?

    ^but of course its not doing it now...grr.. but has anyone noticed those annoying ass links that im talking about?
  11. who keeps moving threads to promotions?

    this site went all wall street on our ass... greedy bastards.... took away our sex and drugs threads........ started posting gay ass altoids banners EVERY TIME YOU CLICK SOMEWHERE... oh yeah..and i love the links with words like. talent . music. etc etc....they become urls to promotional garbage.
  12. Wow, A Whole New Low.

    ok, maybe im crazy - but the dt one was no where NEAR as cheesy. nobody else finds this hilarious? guess im alone on this one..i cant look at it for 5 seconds without laughing
  13. Wow, A Whole New Low.

    And people wonder why JP and hsi fans get bashed. Pitty, cause JP has talent, but his fans ruin any chance of him being taken seriously outside of the US. GO JERSEY SHORE! GO HAMPTONS! WOOHOOO PS - how long will it be before a moderator takes this down? i cant be blamed...i mean..comon.. ITS A BIRD...ITS A PLANE.....NO!........ITS A BAD PHOTOSHOP OF JPS FACE ON CAPTAIN AMERICA!
  14. would you hit this?

    lets start posting pics of girls WE HAVE HIT. wow...the exes/booty calls are gonna love this.