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  1. What to do on Saturday night?

    I would have to say Carl Cox. If your a Miami local or a yank in general then you will know that Carl is a bastard hard DJ to book and his worldwide demand is going to make his sets in Miami few & far between. My mate Larry got his head bitten off last year for telling Miami that the "Big Black Cox" was a no show during WMC 2003 for sure. (kill the messenger) So take my advice & submit to the COX.
  2. Kremlin Party Announced

    Word on the wet & windy streets of Amsterdam Europe say that the fantastic DJ/Producer from the UK Sister Bliss (Faithless) will be added to the Kremlin line up. This is only gossip now but I have a strong feeling it will happen as "The Bliss" is a big Kremlin fan. More info from the front line soon
  3. Kremlin Party Announced

    KREMLIN IS 4 THE PEOPLE Nocturnal Miami & Kremlin Global will present '4 the People' on Tuesday, March 9th, 2004 at Club Maze in Miami Beach. Partygoers will experience a state of the art sound system with a wide selection of DJs stretched over 3 arenas including Johan Gielen, George Acosta, Matthew Dekay, Erick E and Cor Fijneman. The Kremlin concept was first conceived in Amsterdam, where it was established in December 1999. Having quickly gained widespread recognition for its Global Conspiracy nights, Kremlin expanded its activities overseas to collaborate with Spundae in the US and earned a nomination for Best International Club 2001 by Ministry of Sound. While everybody thought the Kremlin concept would be over when they retired from their home Cubic in Amsterdam in 2002, a few people kept the Kremlin feeling alive by...| doing occasional events and festival co-hostings. 2004 will probably be the year Kremlin will return even bigger than before. While Holland got too small the Kremlin concept has been going overseas for a while now. With a residency coming up after WMC in Miami, and a double truck at the German Love Parade and a yet unconfirmed hosting at Dance Valley and Extrema Outdoor, it sure looks like Kremlin's vibe is ready to take on the real worldwide conspiracy again. Over the last couple of years, Kremlin has hosted Pete Tong, Tiesto, Evolution (live) and Danny Howells at hefty Dutch festivals Dance Valley and Extema Outdoor. During their own '2 Days of Kaos,' the Kremlin lineup saw Mauro Picotto, James Holden, Anthony Pappa, Lucien Foort and DJ Astrid. Kremlin was just featured in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and the next stop is Miami, so be sure to check out its multi coloured, minding website for more info and make sure you get your facts right! http://www.kremlin.nl/miami/digi.htm
  4. Kremlin Party Announced

    Even that I say so myself.... That is one wicked Digi flyer from the Vision Impossible krew. 100 % respect to the VJs from Amsterdam . Thats the way we do it.
  5. London Crew

    Kremlin Miami is confirmed 100 %. Date...Venue...Price....Time all confirmed The line up is being tweaked but is nearly finished. Expect a 1st class posse of Dutch DJ/Producer talent & some great guest artists from the local Miami scene. Kremlin productions include the multiple award winning visual artists " Vision Impossible VJs". Amazing visuals and decor will be 1st thing you see at Kremlin Miami...then the music takes over. My flight is booked and I am ready for a little world domination. Karl
  6. London Crew

    Chill...I am on the Mother. Do not take to much notice of Mr Largfellow as he is a little bit full of him self. He is loud & proud,arrogant & agressive with harsh words to be heard. He is a little over the top sometimes. I will be having a word in his ear about his manner. That being said he has a point about the well known Northen English pratice of "Scallywagging & Blagging". I think he is just protecting his "Grow Your Own Garderning Project" in Holland. I am sure he ment no harm to you personaly or to your wippets.