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  1. club webites?

    www.clubvibes.com the message board forum there is pretty slow, but they do have many club listings and reviews. going there myself tomorrow...will let you know about afterhours....plan on hitting up Drai's because i've heard from dozens of people that it's great. Alesium is another one i heard about. Can't remember where it is though right now.... websites: www.icelasvegas.com (club ice) www.rathenightclub.com (club ra) i think Baby's might be closed for reno's right now.
  2. For All U Pot Heads

    OH NO! I can feel it happening now! my left arm is all tingly!....
  3. Any Night Clubs in Calgary?

    Friday or Saturday is good. (actually Thursday and Wed. good also) I haven't been going out much in the last year or 2, so i am a little out of the loop. Best bets might be Skybar or Warehouse. (also heard good things about "Sal's on 17th Ave" but haven't been....) Not many afterhours - but try "the Warehouse" - most people love this place. here's another website that might be useful: http://www.fehrenheit.com/ - they're a promotions company, and have had a long running night called "Fehrenheit Wednesdays" that has built a strong following. and you can also check clubvibes.com - they have a calgary section with club reviews and events and message boards.
  4. For All U Pot Heads

    damn...i've been smoking 6 or more joints a day for almost 13 years now....should i be worried? ( i am not) i agree with bumpdaddy - it was just coincidence that THC was found in his body....if he used it every day - of course it would be. It's like drinking a couple cups of coffee every day, and blaming death on caffeine. People die all the time for unknown reasons.
  5. Any Night Clubs in Calgary?

    There are a few decent clubs here....what style music you looking for? House is pretty big here. Some of the better clubs: the Warehouse, Cherry Lounge, Skybar, Whiskey, Tequila. Here's a few of the names coming here in the next month or so: Infected Mushroom, Plastikman, Sandra Collins/K-swing, Marco V, Crystal Method, David Morales, Gabriel & Dresden, Chris Liberator/Taylor, plus more i can't remember... check this website for the calgary electronic scene: www.electrocalgary.com (it's down right now, switching servers, but back soon) The club scene is pretty strong here - a few dj's have remarked in their online diaries how much they enjoyed playing here including John Digweed, Boy George, and Lee Buridge.