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  1. satisfaction!

    sorry none of the above implys to me. I am not fat, ugly, or desperate. Just felt like sharing that yes I do believe I need to get laid.. and its been a long long time cause I keep coming across such losers like all of you. if you only saw a pic you'd definitely would shut the fuck up..
  2. satisfaction!

    I am not ugly or fat! I just haven't found any guy that either hasn't been wicked annoying or doesn't haven't a girlfriendish thing! all the cute ones are taken! I live in ct anyways so there isn't much to choose from since I am picky. I went to avalon in nyc like a month ago and I must say there were some lookers there. not that any would call me cause I live in ct. if they only knew maybe they could've gotten to know me ALOT better even in the naked flesh. oh well;)
  3. satisfaction!

    i want some sexin! I haven't had any in like 6 months!!!
  4. picotto at avalon on jan 31???

    I am soo there!!!! everyone bring their dancing shoes!
  5. I wanna go!

    hehe.. I wanna go to wmc! I have no one to go with.. i have never been to a wmc either.. I also just turned 21 like 2 weeks ago! please someone take my ass with them ! I wanna party !
  6. So I know this is way in advance.. Anyone going to see badboybill at avalon feb 13th? I am! Its gonna turn into valentines day so thats gonna be fun! woo hooo maybe I can get a valentine! and a lay.