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  1. Breakbeat Parties Friday 03/05

    Try Googling BREAKSDAY and Transatlantic Underground Garage Mash up
  2. Sunday March 7th 2004 _ South BeachMiami, Florida, USA _ _ Breakbeat storms Miami Conference Last year saw breakbeat finally gain a foothold at the WMC. As Rennie Pilgrem rushed from gig to gig he formed an evil plan with Biff (Glastonbury/Functional) and Pippa (TCR) to storm this bastion of house with a deadly breakbeat cocktail that would slay the disbelievers for ever. BREAKSDAY is just that, a day of beats on Sunday 7th of March at a secret location to be announced. All you really need to know about this event is that we have secured the biggest line-up of breaks in the whole World ever to play in one place. See below. Rennie Pilgrem DJs and Live Acts playing on the day include Rennie Pilgrem,(TCR), DJ Icey (Zone), Uberzone (Live) Adam Freeland (Marine Parade), DJ Hyper (Kilowatt), Simply Jeff (Phonomental) Phil K, (Functional Breaks), B-Sides (Dragon Lounge) Freq Nasty (Skint), Elite Force (W9Y), Skool Of Thought (Supercharged), Atomic Hooligan (Botchit Breaks), James Zabiela, Ben & Lex (Functional Breaks), Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols), Moguai (Hope Recordings), Jean Jacque Smoothie (Plastic Raygun), Steve Gerrard, Lee Coombs, (Fingerlickin), Krafty Kuts & A Skillz (Fingerlickin), Dee Kline, Chris Carter (TCR), Soul of Man (Fingerlickin), Stanton Warriors (XL), Tamsin (Breakneck), Liquid Todd, Venue and ticket details to be released on this website on 15th February WIKKED...I finally get to see the Stanton Warriors I hope they also get Booked for ULTRA!!!
  3. does anyone have that link

    it was a guide on things like Should u register for the Conferece? Where to get a hotel? where to eat? what time to hit the clubs? pool parties? etc. the link is somewhere in this forum I just cant find it
  4. for that web on a newbies guide to WMC.\ Dos and Don'ts on WMC thanks
  5. Ultra Lineup Confirmed So Far (updated)

    STANTON WARRIORS!!!! man..these guys are one of the main reasons Im going... I was hoping they would be at this Jam Also BASEMENT JAXX*Live* or DJ set come on for $200 US per VIP ticket..u CAN bring these guys in
  6. where to buy Ultra VIP tickets ONLINE???

    Groove doesn't like Canadain Dollars either
  7. where to buy Ultra VIP tickets ONLINE???

    the ALMIGHTY FONZ says, "it pronounced EH!";)
  8. Ive been looking around ...and I have been noticing alot of parties that feature, Progressive, House, and Trance.. But where are all the. Breakbeat (I hear florida has a very healthy scene) Drum and Bass Techno 2-step&Speed Garage Parties... or am I being a little impatient
  9. Hello people Ive been looking for a couple of days with no luck, can anyone here point me in the right direction. I see alot of Yankees and Brits..BUT are there any Canadains that post here? thanks in advance Bryan:)