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  1. Vegas Party Vans

    Figured I would take a shot on here for some help....... I have been searching for a party van for Saturday night Mem Day weekend for bachelor party. Now I understand that it can be a waste to get one of these bc everyone just takes limos as cabs all over and can get one pretty much anytime. But I was with a bachelor party and used this party van BLAINE was the driver/owner and I have given his info out to friends who have used him as well. I know its a long shot but the community out there of people who actually live in Vegas is small so I was wondering if anyone knew contact info of Blaine..........I have looked everywhere- or if people had suggestions for a good party van for sat night thanks
  2. Klienenberg @ Space Terrace

    mannequin--- I am not making this up at all. Dont twist this around I was really getting into Sander's set and his music and was with people who like him. He had me hooked ----so much so that I was paying attention to every beat of his music that is how I heard the segment come in STRAIGHT FROM THE OSCAR G CD. GO and listen to it....it was funny because just this past weekend I was at a house party and was with friends that were on the terrace and rememered me pointing it out and they were partying listening to the cd and were like" remember this!!!!!!!!!!!" mind you all of those tracks that were dropped were BOMBS I love em too its just very odd that someone like Sander K would do it that all.
  3. Klienenberg @ Space Terrace

    Shouldnt take away from your night and yes 7 hours is a lot but other DJ's play much longer sets and dont pull that kind of stuff......and like you said it was Oscar G cd !lol Funny thing was is that I had always wanted to hear that CD but never heard it until we were pegaming at the hotel the first night and I thought it was a pretty dope CD the way he werqed some tracks on there. So I listened to it Saturday then threw it on sat night after cox again and so it was pretty fresh in my mind and I love the tracks that he played off of the CD but once I realized it WAS the cd I felt cheated............. up to that I was having a blast. I was hoping Morillo was going to show up for the late session he told everyone @ Crobar to keep partying on the Terrace till noon so I def thought he was going to be the surprise DJ. SOmething must have happened bc he didnt show and the next DJ was : a) completely fucked up just a bad dj too many trainwrecks and I am not the type to be nitpicky about that shit I would rather have someone play good tracks and lack a little in the mixing dept. than play zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's and be flawless lol but at one point it sounded like the table shut off while he was mixing into a track and every other song people would be dancing and the wreck was so loud you would literally see heads look up to the booth like wtf!?!?!