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  1. Visiting Boston

    Thanks for all the help guys!
  2. Visiting Boston

    A group of friends and I will be visiting Boston from Thursday 12-15/12-19. We are all from Tampa and need some help. What's going on? The only club I've heard of is Avalon. Which are the other good clubs? We are looking to hear House/Trance/Elec, anything but hip hop. Any help would be great. Thanks. Kevin
  3. Deep Dish - Space WOW!

    I'm the first to admit that I'm not the biggest Deep Dish fan but I had an extra punch on my Space Pass so I figured wtf. The first hours of there set was rather bland imo. However, at about 6 AM it turned into simply one of the best dance music sets I have heard in my life. The range of music they were playing was killer. Prog House into what sounded to be an original version of Fleetwood Mac later into Michael Jackson and back into some of the most amazing tribal house I have ever heard. I was very impressed, anyone else? Kevin
  4. Best Parties/Best Sets of WMC

    1. Danny Tenaglia - Ultra 2. Deep Dish - Space 3. Nic Fanciulli - Space Terrace 4. Chris Leibing - Space 5. Carl Cox - Ultra 6. Ferry Corsten - Space 7. Roger Sanchez - Space Terrace 8. Some guy paying 100 bucks for one punch left on my Space Pass at 9:30 AM on Sunday - PRICELESS!!!
  5. Nikki Beach?

    I'm heading to Nikki Beach tomorrow and the Radio 1 gig on Friday. What should I expect? Are people dressed somewhat beachlike during the day or is it more clubby? And does it get alot dressier at night? Just wonderin so I dont look like a jack ass. Thanks. Kevin
  6. Post Your Party Plan Thus Far...

    Tues: Spin for Hernan and Infusion quick cab to Space for Meganite Wed: Laid Pool party then, LIGHTS OUT! with Mr. Lawler, then probably to Subliminal Sessions at Space Thurs: Maybe Nic and Dekay at Spin then straight to Space for the rest of Tiesto and friends Fri: PVD, FERRY, EDGAR V, and SANDER at Space Sat: Ultra and the Ultra Afterparty
  7. DJ Dan Saturday

    DJ Dan will be in Tampa (Ybor City) Saturday night 7-31 at Masquerade. $10 presale, 18+. Should be a good show. Kevin
  8. Upcoming Tampa Shows

    Finally for once Tampa has a couple of shows to look forward to: DJ Dan Masquerade, Ybor City Saturday July 31 18+ Christopher Lawrence Masquerade, Ybor City Saturday August 21 Not sure of age www.masqueradetampa.com This will be the first time I ever remember a non break/DNB show at the Masquerade. Let's hope it works. Kevin
  9. Howells' last set at Arc (NYC)

    If idoesnt have a massive break down on every track, the horn doesnt blow, and there are no whistles. It sucks. Kevint
  10. Oakenfold in Tampa

    March 2.
  11. Deep Dish Space Flyer

    Again, Sorry.
  12. Sasha back in Tampa (Encore)

    02/27/2004 - Hallucination presents The Return Of Sasha Location Amphitheater Tampa , FL Hallucination Artists Attending TBA Details Due to the great response on the last show from both Sasha & The crowd...he's back. Everyone had such a great time & the response to the night was so big, that Sasha has decided to make his way back for an encore performance. This is all because of YOU!!!! The vibe was great! The music was sick! Expect alot of new tracks, as this is Sasha's lead in to his upcoming tour and WMC in Miamia. Not to be missed. Will call tickets will be available online. Details TBA Doors Open 9pm Price of Admission TBA Contact Info
  13. I've been to Ultra for the last 3 years and I have been to all the WMC parties at Space but I have never brought a camera. Where exactly can I do this? I want to take some pics but I don't want to get it taken or get thrown out. Let me know. Kevin
  14. I didnt have the Space pass last year, but I attemted to go after Ultra to see Deep Dish and cover was $100 at 3 AM. So I would think if you were going to go 2 nights and you didnt want to worry about money when you get there, this is the way to go. At least it will be for me. Kevin