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  1. BLACK MARCH 13th

    2 words "GOOD LUCK"
  2. DJ Micro @ Nation 3/26/04

    U Know The Dak Is There!
  3. Nationli.com Boris role call

    U know the Dak will be bak
  4. Asseteria Nation Review

    To everyone who does't know, well now you do. lONG iSLAND'S doorway to the underground starts at nation. nowhere else on long island can you go if you like the funky-freaky nightlife that nation brought friday night. the freaks where out and so was i. the music was tight, the beats where bangin, the lights where trippy and the crowd and entertianment just soaked up the room. if you don't like the undergrpound then go somewhere else. Nation is only for the true househead and clubber. every other party on long island SUCKS. believe me i know, i LIVE THERE! SO IF YOU LIVE ON LI AND YOU WANT SOMEWHERE GOOD TO GO ON A FRIDAY NIGHT THEN GO TO NATION. PS. THANKS TO THE ENTIRE NATION STAFF, ROB JAMES, ANTHONY LAMONT AND HIS CAST OF CHARACTERS, DJ MERRIT, AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO MADE THE NIGHT OH SO SPECIAL........ KEEP THE PARTY BANGIN AND SEE YA NEXT FRIDAY............... (DAK JOHNSON)