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  1. Soundfactory???

    Sound Factory Bar on Tuesdays, The Original Sound Factory on 27th with Jr Vasquez, and The later Sound Factory on Sats with JP. Each was great in their own right. Each had it's peak and highs and lows. The sound system at the ORIGINAL SF in my opinion was the best. I first experienced Jr Vasquez at SF on 27th in 1994 and Kristine W was performing live and I have to say I was blown away by the whole scene. One of my favorite nightclub experiences of my life so far. However I had very memorable nights at SF on 46th with JP and SF Bar Tuesdays with Little Louie Vega and some of the other old school house DJ's that played there.
  2. Crobar Miami System Forsale !!!!!!!

    That equipment is a bargain at $20k, I'm sure it will end up going for alot more. As for Tech 1200 Turntables, I would never pay more than $400-$500 a pair used. The best way to test the 1200s for wear and tear is to check the pitch control slider and see how broken-in it is. If it's tight like a new 1200 or close to it than the table was probably rarely used. If it's really loose, the table probably has some serious mileage on it. PS. The Letter of Authentication from Crobar after purchasing this stuff is probably not worth much, just a little sizzle on the steak for this sale, probably could be used in an emergency in the bathroom when the toiletpaper is out, that's about it! Just my 2 cents
  3. record player question

    Radio Shack may carry a Phono Pre-Amp(They used to-cheap)-you can hook the Pre-amp up between your record player and your line input with RCA cords very easily. Now some sound education 101, Line In devices are Tuners, Tape Decks, VCR/DVD, CD player etc. Mics and Phonographs need a pre-amp, and a Mic pre-amp is not the same as a phono pre-amp. The Denon Digital Turntable DJ-151 I think is the model # can be hooked up to a line or phone input. It also has a digital SPDIF connection to go directly to a PC sound card. This is great for converting vinyl to digital files on a PC. The Denon DJ 151 also has a key adjust feature like their CD decks when it is hooked up on a line input. This feature is disable when running on a phono input. VINYL-TOUGH,TESTED,TRUSTED!
  4. Santana Vs. Boris Record For Record

    My $ is on Richie, but not for nuthin, I heard Boris on KTU about 2 weeks ago dropping some really interesting tracks.
  5. DJ Equipment Question

    Licking the cartridge is a quick fix only for an emergency and not good for the cartridge or tonearm contacts. A pencil eraser works well to clean the tonearm contacts
  6. DEATH of VINYL, Record SHopS, Real Djing

    with their DVD Decks, and DJ's will always go for putting 4x or 8x as much music on one disc. Plus from what I hear the quality is supposed to be better. Artists are going that direction too, releasing CD/DVDs instead of just CDs in order to compete with digital piracy. On another anti-CD note: Have any of you ever heard of or experienced CD rot? that's when you get little pin holes in the top foil layer of the CD and the laser doesn't reflect back through the dye correctly. If you don't believe me do a search on CD Rot, you'll see. My personal opinion: Vinyl: Tough, Tested, Trusted. trust a CD, never- at least with vinyl you know if it has a scratch, CD's will play one night and skip the next just because of a finger smudge- I look at each one and make sure they are as clean as possible b4 playing them to hopefully prevent a skip. And Vinyl, sometimes you can get the scratch out with a little hot water and a cleaning cloth, or by rubbing it gently with your fingernail. ever try to get a skip out of a CD, usually impossible, I don't care how many CD repair products they put on the market. Best thing to do with CDs is have a back up copy of all of them.
  7. DEATH of VINYL, Record SHopS, Real Djing

    ANTI FM's previous post: i see that the NEW TECH also has its major limits for example with tables you can do the following play record #1 que record #2 all while playing a loop from Cd Decks #3 & #4 you cant do ANY of this with the new tech If you know a way to do a spinn back with ALL of the new technology then please point that out because its non existant with all of the new tech you also cant cue up TWO tracks and play a 3rd with new tech at the same time you are adding an effect to track 1 for example REPLY: I prefer Traktor DJ over all other standalone DJ software for mixing and their latest version 3.0 has 4 decks, punch in efx, loops, editing features, etc. A free 30 day demo is available at : http://www.nativeinstruments.de/index.php?traktor_us Personally I prefer the sound of Vinyl, especially the imports, I see the computer software as more of a threat to CDs than Vinyl. Eventually CDs will be replaced by the DVD-A anyway, DVD-AUDIO.
  8. Cleveland at pacha 2morrow...!

    I think he spins really nice, creates a nice vibe. Plus he is a really nice guy to boot!!
  9. best PC program for DJ's

    But I've also heard horror stories about failures, but that goes for pretty much any piece of electronic equipment. As for carrying the Sweetwater Creation Station rack, it's not much bigger or heavier than carrying a laptop or racked CD decks, as long as you can get a light flat panel monitor. I just think it's a great product for DJ's, and only a little more $ than a top laptop or Apple. Personally I used to and still do carry vinyl, not as much these days, so carrying equipment doesn't bother me. If you can't carry your music and equipment, get a roadie or retire! Happy New Year
  10. best PC program for DJ's

    and between Rane Serato and Stanton Final Scratch I would have to say the Rane system wins out with better processing, Analog simulation and quicker response time (lower latency). As for straight DJ Software I'm a huge fan of Native Instruments Traktor DJ and version 3 of Traktor is awesome. I wouldn't use a laptop in a DJ situation however, they tend to not have the best processing capablilities and sometimes overheat. After my research I've decided to upgrade to the Traktor 3 version and pick up a Creation Station rack mounted audio PC from Sweetwater here is the link, http://www.sweetwater.com/creation_station/rack.php for a few more $ than a laptop, it's well worth it for a DJ. Just my 2 cents.
  11. in the entertainment biz or most businesses for that matter until you have some "Haters" Just my 2 cents.
  12. DEATH of VINYL, Record SHopS, Real Djing

    One producer once said ...Nothing can match the analog sound of the vinyl, that rich unique sound.... I liked the days when a dj would play a track for a good 6 months to a yr b4 it was finally release to the public. I dont see why an average person should have all the new music a SUPERSTAR DJ has right away. It makes that particular dj that more special to go and hear cause you know only he/she will play that song. And ya know when its release you will go get it eventually. I remember when david morales would make tracks in the mid 90s and no one could get their hands on them until a yr later when he finally released it. Thats why i like what danny tenaglia is doin with DIBIZA. The Above ^^^ are previous posts I copied. I love vinyl, prefer it, but eventually it will go away. I like the digital options and how the digital software is now enhancing digital music files to sound more analog(like vinyl)-CD's are horrible and will probably die even before vinyl and be replaced by the DVD-A. As a DJ you have to adapt and learn the new technology, but I'm sure any DJ doing a club set would have a bag of vinyl(if the club has turntables) and a bag of CD's and not just rely on and trust a laptop. Vinyl does have a warmer sound, analog is the natural way that sound flows through the air, that's why companies like Rane are coming out with Serato and adding Vinyl enhancements to it. Vinyl may eventually die, but it has lived alot longer than people predicted. As for new releases getting to every so called "DJ" on the planet at the same time, instead of the DJ's who payed their dues and have connections getting it ahead of time- I miss those days. I miss going to a club and hearing something by a great DJ and running to the booth to find out what it is and then having to hunt it down for a few days or weeks, that's what true DJ's do to get music. No reason an 18 year old rookie DJ should be able to get the music at the same time as a veteran who has paid dues or hunted it down. But what can you do, it is what it is. My 2 cents. SAVE THE VINYL!!
  13. Ferry's Corsten REVIEW @ CROBAR

    was very good! I was impressed stayed till they turned the music off. He was working the music and the video with the Pioneer DVD decks and overall it was an awesome show, especially the last 45 mins or hour of his set when he treated NYC to some Tribal House and got away from the trance music.
  14. Comedian Richard Pryor just passed away...

    Funniest mofo of his time, he changed stand up comedy forever. Well Rich, I guess "death finally go ur ass"!
  15. The top ten clubs in the U.S.

    One of my all time favorites-Nikki Beach-Miami. If you've been there you know. I would never attempt a Top 10, Top 25, Top 100, Top whatever, because even being an experienced clubber for over 15 years and having traveled outside the NYC Metro area to some slamming venues, I would not consider myself experienced enough, to make a Top US Club List. I love Joey's but if I had to choose between Joey's and Surf for any list I would choose Surf hands down, definitely one of my all-time NJ favorites. But each to their own opinion. Peace.