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  1. Does anyone have a tracklisting from saturdays performance? There are a couple tracks which I'm dying to know. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. ferry review

    I thought he was better the past few times I had heard him. When Serge was on, I thought that he did not really grab the crowd like he usually does. Then when Ferry usually comes on, everyone's clapping, cheering.. there was very little of that. For the first hour of his set, no one was into it. Then around 3:30 or so when he started playing more electro house/trance he started to bring it. I usually like the fluffy melodic tunes he plays but I thought his performance was a little sub-par. At the end he did bring it though. I still love Ferry though...he's a great dj and I love his track selection.
  3. Ferry Corsten Question

    Cool...thanks for the replies. I've seen Ferry three times and I love his music and energy. I'm really going for the music. I like Serge Devant too.... he's a great opener...
  4. I'm a big Ferry Corsten fan, but havent been to his new residency at Crobar. Is it a good time? and also why did they lower the age to 18??
  5. Help with a Song ID

    Thanks a lot!!!
  6. Help with a Song ID

    Classics from this summer.. it goes.... Sun will ...keep.. on shinin.... the other one is.. Dont misunderstand me cause I want you... I want you to want me too.. Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!! Thanks
  7. Good call on Get up, Stand up - Funky Fanthom. Brings me back to around '97.... Tunnel days
  8. Depeche Mode's remix of "No Good" is a good track. That brings back some memories
  9. Hey everybody, I"m pretty new to the boards. I'm generally a trance/house guy. This thread is a great topic... HEre's my top 25 of all time (I"m gonna throw some old school on there first ) 1. PVD - For an Angel 2. Sandy B - Make the World go Round 3. SM Trax - got the groove 4. Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia 5. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 returning mix) 6. Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock 7. Delerium - Innocente (dj tiesto remix) 8. Charles & Bonicci - Ride 9. Steve Porter - Definite Form 10. PVD - Time of our Lives (club mix) 11. Robert Gitelman - Things 2 Say 12. Andain - Beautiful Things 13. DJ Chab - My Memory 14. Solid Globe - North Pole 15. Pig & Dan - Addiction 16. Una Mas - I will follow 17. Kaskade - Feelin the night 18. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun 19. Ridgewalkers - Find (Andy Moor Mix) 20. Art of Trance - Madagascar 21. Warrior - If you want me 22. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar 23. Daft Punk - Around the World ( a little cheesy but a classic) 24. Planet Funk - The Switch 25. Synergy - Hello Strings
  10. Ferry Corsten Reviews?!?

    Does anyone have a tracklisting?? I thought the music selection was great!!
  11. Ferry or G&D???

    It sounds like everyone is digging Ferry.... Definitely sucks that 4 awesome dj's are here on the same night.
  12. Ferry or G&D???

    Are G&D promoting anything?? I know Ferry is doing his new album.
  13. Ferry or G&D???

    You mean the threads where people promote the after party's??? not so much help.. I might be feelin Ferry.
  14. Ferry or G&D???

    Any opinions as to which party will be better? I'm torn right now.....They're both unbelievable. Music might be better at G&D but Ferry always brings a great vibe.
  15. Kaskade @ Cielo

    over kaskade @ cielo?? really? I've heard good things about kasade though...