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  1. i need help!

    ok i have a question. i bought a wireless router so that i could split my cable connection to two computers. the computer with the cable connection is upstairs in my house on the second floor. the computer that needs the router is downstairs in my basement. my question is will i be able to hook my PS2 up to the internet in my basement? how will i go about doing this since my main cable connection is upstairs?
  2. You know deeep deeeep down inside of you that DT and JP shouldnt even be mentioned in the same thread let alone the same sentence!
  3. nice nice. i still like trance but not as much as i used to. ofcourse you gotta love "Tijs Verwest" Picotto Castelli Howells Roger S.
  4. try me. im not a hater. to each his own!
  5. whatever yo! who do you like by the way?
  6. maybe you don't feel his style but to say he sucks is just straight ludicrous!
  7. Jes Of Motocycle Performing Live

    how many fucking times you gonna post about this?
  8. what is ur favorite scifi movie of all time?

  9. Exclusive Preview Keyra Augustina Video # 2

    I Think I Just Made A Mess In My Pants!
  10. 36, would be six times the amount! and they mean in the last 86 years.
  11. i cant fukin wait

    ficken no. 3, delivery, play fast and loose, when i rock. damn i cant wait.
  12. thick and juicy

    u mean fat and ugly!
  13. FUnny pic (italian girl getting public handjob)

    dont you mean PLAYED!