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  1. New Years Eve Roll Call

    i'll be making my first LA trip to see Sasha & Digweed anyone know anything about afterhours?
  2. digweed @ nation

    cabing it will be your best bet see you there
  3. DJ Chris Desimone and DJ Chris Chase

    funny thing is i went to East Boston high school with Chris Chase and i ran into him at the PVD show @ Space during the WMC
  4. DJ Chris Desimone and DJ Chris Chase

    so where is Pure Boston anyway?
  5. yes i am. where can i meet you?
  6. anything that has Sandra Collins listed is a party to miss
  7. Yeah but the flyer says Sasha & Digweed which to me says that they are playing together not different sets at 2 different times. i hope i am wrong
  8. I posted this same post on cooljunkie and it has been deleted. what's up with that POD too much info?
  9. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ferry Corsten at a bar in D.C last night. I asked him about set times for global gathering and he said that Sasha & Digweed will not be playing together at all. From what he said Sasha will be going on at 7:30pm followed by Armin van Buuren @ 9:00 and ferry will be closing the show on the main stage from 10:30 to 12:00. Hey POD can you confirm any of this? I really hope that Ferry is mistaken because I was going down mainly for Sasha & Digweed.
  10. van dyks cafe on lincon road & the NEWS cafe on ocean drive 2 stops i hit every year
  11. Where can you go if you're 18 in WDC?

    Friday nights www.buzzlife.com Saturday Nights www.clubglow.com
  12. Tiesto @ WMC??

    he will be at Mansion on Saturday & Sunday night
  13. Anne Nightengale show (1/13/06) *Sasha*

    here is Sasha's set http://www.sendspace.com/file/0ivzg3 Sasha Guest Mix Habersham and Darius Kohanin 'Dune In E Minor' (HunyaMunya) Williams 'The Arrival & Departure' (Get Physical) Kenzo 'Workin It Out (Audiofly Dub)' (Music To Die For) Flash 'Music Makes You (Remute)' (My Best Friend) Mukes 'Seismographic (Tangleray)' (CP) Shawn Astrom 'Unknown' (Level) Phonique Vs The Juan Mclean 'For The Time Being' / 'Give Me Every Little Thing' (KU Mashup) Flow 'Thruth And Sunshine (Funk Da Void)' (Urban Talk)
  14. he says that your mom was throwing the afterparty, is that bullshit or what?