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  1. New to IL in May!

    I'd be to afriad to ask for a fake LOL Big difference in Roanoke and Chicago! LOL I'd probably ask an undercover cop, lol
  2. New to IL in May!

    Thanks for everyones help. This is so tough!! I hope I'm not bored when I get there. Being under 21 sure does suck.
  3. New to IL in May!

    I come from VA, wouldn't even know how to goabout getting one! haha We just deal with it. So are there ANY clubs I can go to?
  4. New to IL in May!

    I like all types of music dance clubs but esp. Hiphop and pop. The only problem is I'm on 19, so it would have to be a 18+.
  5. New to IL in May!

    Hey! I have taken a job in Deerfield IL and will be moving there in May. I was trying to find some websites of some dance clubs and places to hang out for when I get there. It's only an hour train ride into Chicago so I am able to go in quite frequently. If anyone has any sites or suggestions they could give me please leave me a message! Thanks!