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  1. Adam X & Heather Heart @ Platinum 5/11

    Had to bump this up..... This party is definently worth it.... Joey Stitch
  2. Adam X & Heather Heart @ Platinum 5/11

    Tonight has the potential to kick some serious ass..... Platinum is without-a-doubt the best spot in all of New Brunswick to throw a party. I'm happy that we have a chance to once again make something of Tuesday night. However, I'm putting all my expectations aside since tonight is our first night. It is unnerving enough and the itch becomes more irritated when I scratch. I suggest to everyone to come down to Platinum tonight and participate in the launching of New Brunswick's brand new electronic dance extravaganza. The music is going to be straight-forward and very matter-of-fact. From dark house music to old school acid house, it is going to rock..... Come tonight and find out for yoursleves.......... Joey Stitch, N.O.S. Music
  3. Crobar was such a disappointment!

    People.... Give one another a break and let everyone be entitled to their own opinions. Arguing over Victor Calderone and who knows more about music. WHO CARES. Have fun.... with or without "getting mangled." Besides, I'm willing to bet no one who is posts on this forum truly knows the early werks of Victor Calderone. If you did, you wouldn't be idolizing him, you would see him as a sell-out. I'll give everyone a hint: "Twister" If anyone knows that track, I'd be surprised! Joey Stitch
  4. Just to let everyone know, I spoke with the host of the party as well as the promoter of the Harvest Moon..... This party is going down even if we all have to wear snow-shoes to get to it. Certainly fit for the headstrong. Oh yeah, for any one who is wondering, OUTPUT is playin live at 11pm, Junior is djing at midnight and Alexander is djing at 1am. If possible, try to catch OUTPUT. Junior is spending a lot of time producing their material and lining up gigs for them. Thanx for your time.... Joey Stitch