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  1. Hi...u suck

    Yeah really...you suck Do not ask WHY you suck...you must be satisfied with the fact that you suck! Now you may ask yourself how do I work this? You may ask yourself, where is that large automobile?
  2. Hi, I'm DigitalPhoenix and...

    ...I'm new here I dont know anyone on this board so I wanna meet all of y'all!!! I want to meet people that are down with Booty and Water I want to meet people that can scratch while they mix I want to meet people that play house I want to meet people that are funky I want to meet a DJ that knows Side B's of the records I want to meet someone named Alan I want to meet someone in Dade county I want to meet some Lolas I want to meet a russian chick that is so hot, platinum melts near her I want to meet people that dont give a fuck... Erm, fuck you Phil I dont wanna know you PS: I wish I could meet Johnny Quest, that boy can drink
  3. Jimmy Toural - Tweeksbury Terr 'Live in Tok-Yo'

    Jimmaaaay! wud up dawgie...holla at yo boy, long time no see I'll pm you my celly to catch up G..
  4. Bottle Service at SET!

    taco, taco, taco...taquito, taquito!
  5. This board needs some...

    Hi Becky, I poke my head in from time to time to see what's up or catch up on events. Most people left to C00ljunkie, but then bounced from there too...to talknightlife Still bickering, still same people - meh whatdayagonna do? Glad to hear you're doing good. Saw your previous post about the Gemini festival, very cool that you're still into the music. Hope to cross paths one day, my lil one is 17 months already and i couldnt be happier. Funny how things change huh? Be well. PS: Fuck you Phil
  6. Who's left in here??? Bueller??? Bueller??

    Sad, right? CoolJunkie seems to be going down too POD is not even there anymore.. I hope you had a good Happy New year celebration 'Fredito! PM me your number and email addy loco...you never know when I may pop up in NYC!
  7. happy holidays

    I hear ya loud and clear JQ!
  8. Stuck like a snail on an island

    Mmmmmm...motorboooat! LOL! XOXO Lola
  9. Miami NYE...need recommendations

    Usually BLUE on Española throws pretty good NYE parties and not expensive at all. It's more of an intimate feel as opposed to the mega club, "look at me" stuff.. It's a bit early still so just keep on the lookout...
  10. Lots of news articles on here now

    Q'hubo pe Funketero? Life good in NYC brotha?
  11. Lots of news articles on here now

    Hello Patois, Nice to hear you're doing well Congratulations on your baby! I am the proud father of a baby boy too, James Alexander People still come in and out but it's not the same of way back Most of them are on either cooljunkie or tranc3 addict Glad to hear from ya!
  12. Bad Clubs!!! Bad Clubs!!

    Seals hate bad clubs too!
  13. WMC Dates

    It's true...the dates have been announced so y'll better start booking your hotel rooms!
  14. I just invented a new subgenre of techno...

    But there's only like 7 voices on a minimal song..is that why it's called minimal?
  15. Describe your ideal Miami-based club

    This is an old ass post...memoooooriesss!!!