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  1. this should be the more interesting than '04 wmc when Global Gathering went head up with Ultra? let the fun begin I say!!
  2. Maydaze Summer Sessions 05 @ Pure 6/18/05 {full Info}

    Global Passport $20 TICKETS! Global Passport holders.. time is running out! Buy your tickets prior to Friday 6-17-05 and still receive a Maydaze ticket at a special lower than ever price of just $20.00! Special Ends today! Maydaze Madams Special Six…….. Come out to Maydaze with six of your closest girlfriends and receive reduced admission and a complementary bottle! Does not include gratuity V.I.P. Specials…… Includes 1 table, entrance for 4 people, and 1 bottle for $160.00. Does not include gratuity Dazzling Drink Specials! 2 for 1 on select bottles till 2 am Does not include gratuity
  3. Maydaze Summer Sessions 05 @ Pure 6/18/05 {full Info}

    What do you think of the lineup..? I am excited to see UBERZONE.. Its been a long time since hes been to miami..
  4. Maydaze Summer Sessions 05 @ Pure 6/18/05 {full Info}

    BUMP!! For the cause
  5. Maydaze Summer Sessions 05 @ Pure 6/18/05 {full Info}

    From 6/7 to 6/9 Special discount rate for our internet friends $20.... Cant beat that http://www.magicalmaydaze.com/discounttickets.htm Thanks for all the support over the years guys.. You help keep the scene alive thats why were giving something back GlobalHTM Staff http://www.magicalmaydaze.com
  6. BIG NEWS!!!BIG NEWS Outside stage has been confirmed!!! Ultra NewYork Pre-Sale tickets will be sold at Maydaze summer sessions Ultra New York and maydaze 05 are no comp event's with limited capacity and will sell out fast so don't miss these once in a life time exclusive show's. Tickets for Maydaze Summer Sessions can be bought at www.MagicalMaydaze.com or In Stores as of June 1st. Discount Ultra NY Tickets will be on sale at the Maydaze Event and will only be sold one per person with the Maydaze Ticket or Global Passport. Don't miss these 2 epic events. 3 MORE DJ'S TO BE ADDED BY THE END OF THE WEEKEND... ONE IS A HEADLINER... K... keep you boys and girls in suspence.. DJ LINE-UP for MAYDAZE ------------------------------------------------------------------------ JACKAL & HYDE w/ Jon Otto of Limp Bizkit on Drums DJ DAN UBERZONE RAHZEL formerly of THE ROOTS ADAM F FABIO KIMBALL COLLINS BABY ANNE EDGAR V DEEKLINE & WIZARD STORM & TREVOR ROCKWELL KUAD SOUND SYSTEM (Merlyn & Hydraulix) RED ROCK Live UNDERGROUND TECHNICIANZ (James Wolfe & Systematic) INNER REALM Live MR. MENDEZ ERIC BERRETTA MEDLEY KEITH MACKENZIE TRIXIE BRIAN VAN DALEN DEVINE & EMILY PLAY Live CIRCLE K. w/ MC CALLABORATOR THE ENGINEER DANNY BLED 8ON SEASUNZ THE DUCHESS, SLIP 187, JOHN VU, SUPERNAUT RIOTGEAR DUBLEX RAWTEE PARANTULA ALEXANDER ORUE CC ROCK UNISON NAWTY NIKI CB4 CURTIS R EDDIE PABO AUDIT & NEGLECT XPLODE DON-L RAFY NIEVES SHAYKEE & PERSUAZN SHOCK TREATMENT ROXIA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just added to the lineup Just been confirmed to the lineup Kevens Atomic Tangerine Galaxy Girl Outside stage has also been confirmed... Get your tickets now presale price is going to rise very very soon 13 days from event... Visit www.magicalmaydaze.com