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    black and hispanic, brown eyes, dark brown hair, bisexual...i think thats it
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    Plainsboro, NJ
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    Love:, weed, shrooms, acid, ecstacy, metal, punk, house, techno, rock, glow sticks, black lights, strobe lights, girls and guys. Hate: rap, preps, many jocks, bad parties, beer, my geometry teacher, some goody 2-shoes chik in my grade
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    high school student(sophomore)
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  1. confuzzlement

    coke...hell no...im still only 15...enough things have gone up my nose...weed and shrooms thats all i want
  2. confuzzlement

    y would u say "omg"? cuz im 15 or cuz i want to try shrooms
  3. confuzzlement

    how bad does acid/ecstacy/shrooms fuck you up? anyone know where to get the light up pacifiers from? me, my cousin and her bro's girlfriend are going to Club Speed, is it any good?
  4. clubs and raves

    no...yes...who r u?
  5. clubs and raves

    im thinkin about dropping out... and focusing more on pot...or staying in and keeping my mind on pot...who knows
  6. clubs and raves

    things on MTV r so overplayed and so fucked up...Brittany Spears and Cristina Aguilera ugh!!!...Metal, punk, rock, house, techno...best music ever
  7. clubs and raves

  8. clubs and raves

    fine maybe not in NY...maybe i should stick to clubbin in NJ and PA...my friend is 16 and he went to a rave in NY this past weekend...then again y should i listen to u i dont know u guys...wat do u have against girls
  9. clubs and raves

    y would u say that...i said teen clubs
  10. uhh...

    a few say i am...y?
  11. clubs and raves

    r there any teen clubs or raves in manhattan or brooklyn? im 15 and my friends are around my age...can u help us out??? thanx
  12. uhh...

    cheerleaders r hot...im not one tho, thank goodness...i need to go to a rave badly
  13. raves too??

    i passed bio last year when i was a freshman...i need fun...me and my friends r soooooo in need of fun cuz its sooooooooooooooooo boring here
  14. raves too??

  15. raves too??

    wat about raves...we need to know about clubs and raves...im 15 and my friends are around my age...any place thats not dress to impress?