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  1. Will I have fun in Orlando??!!!!

    ICON is still around and has picked up a bit on Friday nights. You will also want to check out an Underground club called Glow World in the Mercardo Shopping Center on Idrive open till 5am on Friday nights. You might want to check other boards such as ugdarmy.com & sceneorlando.com for more event postings.
  2. Did you get a DVD movie at the WMC?

    So, does anyone have feedback from the ones given out?
  3. Did you get a DVD movie at the WMC?

    You can send an email request to [email protected] with REQUEST DVD in the subject line. We have to regroup with some of our investors as far as how many we will continue to give out. When we get to to that point, we will ship copies to the people who are interested. Thanks! ScoobyDooWhereRU?
  4. We handed out close to 400+ DVD movies at the WMC that contained porn & anime mixed to electronic music. If you are a producer or DJ and would like your music mixed to our visuals you can contact us at: [email protected] AIM: volscoobydoo MSN: [email protected] Yah:[email protected] Thanks for you time and we hoped you enjoyed the DVDs! Many of the DVDs passed out were blank and did not contain covers. Our previous name was ScoobyDooWhereRU Productions and we are reopening soon under a new name to be announced soon. Attached is the original cover for the anime movie that was passed out.
  5. ProFuzion Productions and UGDArmy.com present...... The 3rd Edition in the Family Fuzion Series and biggest to date! In Collaboration With Promise Family, Komited Records and Vizion 1 Entertainment. FAMILY FUZION SERIES...... "DIGITAL LUV" Get ready to join thousands of others as Family Fuzion once again takes you on a journey. With a new venue never been touched, we have warehouse equalling over 42,000 square feet. This is the event you have been waiting for. With 4 Stages of Pure Insanity. We will be having the new Cobra II Dynacord Sound. Get ready to have your heart shattered! DATE: Valentines Day!! Saturday, February 14th 2004 TIME: 6p.m. till 8a.m. (14 hours of non stop music) Drum n Bass' Stage - HOSTED BY MC COLLABORATER, MC HI IQ, and MC B 1. **ODI - (Konkrete Jungle / konkretejungle.com) DJ Odi has roamed the Earth since before the creation of time (well, jungle music, anyway). Holding down the late-night spots such as NASA back in the day, DJ Odi is a veteran of several styles of dance music. He is the Jungle Don of Digital Konfusion New York. 1. **CIRCLE K - (Jungala / Torque / Nocturnal Children) This man is one of Florida's finest DJ's. Always amazing the crowd with his vibing mixes and tune selection. This man is no secret to the Florida Dnb scene. Along side..... 1. **MC COLLABORATER- (Jungala / P51 / Torque) One of the US's top MCs known for hyping up the crowd to a frenzy & MCing with the best DJ's worldwide. Always a Party rawker with his hosting skills. Proper every time guarenteed. IT IS ABOUT TIME THESE CRIME FIGHTERS EARNED SOME REEEEEEEEEEEEEESPEKT! www.jungala.com 2. ** APPARATUS - a.k.a. STEREO STORMTROOPER and GLITCH - (Jungala/Protogen) **RECORD RELEASE PARTY** “Gag Reflex†This duo has been rawking dancefloors worldwide with their releases on domestic and international DnB labels. Check out their newest release Gag Reflex on Protogen. The production DJ team will rawk the house tech ponk stylee. 2. ** SMIRK and MC HI IQ (Cincinnati, Ohio) -Happy Hardcore 2. **INSURRECTION VS ILL OMEN - (ProFuzion Productions/Upskirt Productions) 3. ** LT SMASH - (Jungala) 3. **THIRD SCHOOL COLLECTIVE 2. **BIG B - (UGDArmy.com/ProFuzion Productions) 3. **Fl – (Dn 3. **CRICKET - (Orbital Grooves Radio) 3. **MC B ENDLESS ARENA 1. ** ROB REAL - *Live* (nu skool, electro, progressive breaks) (Nu Illusion Music President, ProFuzion Productions) Millennium Breaks Records, Nova Recordings, Adrienne Recordings, BFProductions, WenzProject Productions) 2. ** MILES - *Live* (nu skool) (Nu Illusion Music, BFProductions, WenzProject Productions) 2. ** ANTHONY NUZZO - *Live* (electro) (Nu Illusion Music, BFProductions, WenzProject Productions 3. **P-Bone and Devine Feat. Emily Play 2. **SCATTERBRAIN - (ProFuzion Productions)par 3. **SPINDLE -(Vizion 1 Entertainment) 3. **RIFF RAFF AND FARRACE –(5th S. Productions, UGDArmy, Newyork, NY 3. **JASON HOBBS 2. **DUBLEX - (HazmatCrew.com, Lexicon)par 3. **Obsession – (Hard House and Trance) 3. **Mas Inc – (Nu-school) KOMITED RECORDS ARENA >>> 1. **MEA *Live* - (Moonshine / Komied Records) Los Angelespar Showin Florida what educated breaks are all about. Be prepared as this mistress comes with the heartbreakin breaks. Check out her Hot New CD with vocals and effects on Komited Records!!! **SPECIAL BIRTHDAY SET BY......** A VERY SPECIAL 4 TURNTABLE DNB BIRTHDAY BATTLE BETWEEN.... 1. **DANNY THE WILDCHILD "Thee B'day Boy" - (Q101 F.M. - Chicago / Warlock Canvas) VS. 1. **PHANTOM 45 - (Canvas / Warlock) Get ready Central Florida for a very rare hardcore raw 4 turntable battle set. Check it out as the wicked scratchmaster tears up your mind with his partner in crime. This is one battle that is sure not to be missed. oooooohhhhhhh shit! WATCH OUT! 2. **AMANDA TREVINO a.k.a. - (The Warp Sister) Sexy Talented, and Ready to Rock!! Watch out for the smothness of the original sounds of progression. 1. **JES ONE - (Jack House / Groove Shop / Komited / ICI) Get ready for this legendary masterminds Chicago powerhouse style of funk. Check out his double CD set with Frankie Bones. 2. **MAXIMAS VS. PROFESSOR GOAT - (Komited / Vision 1 - Orl) Fuckin Shit Up! 2. **REMEDY - (Komited - Chicago) Don't miss the hot mix CD "Home Grown Shop" 3. **K.W.A.K. a.k.a. Kris with A.K. (Komited - Chicago) 3. **CHEECH AND HIS RECORDS - (Chicago / United Krew / Chicago) Prepare for the life changing experience that is Cheech. Owner of world renowned record store ChicagoVinyl.com and a member of United Krew he will show you the true path to enlightenment through dance. 3. **DJ HECTIC - (United Krew - Chicago) Check out Komited's Klothing and Record Stand. www.Komited Records.com PROMISE FAMILY AND VIZION 1 ENTERTAINMENT ARENA>>>> **ATOMIC BABIES The Atomic Babies are Joe Natoli (aka Joey Jupiter) and Patrick Messinetti (aka P-Smooth). They create incredible hard techno that is very original. They have just released the album "Unhyped!" which is a combination of breaks, hard-bass and pumping beats that features tribal music and monkey samples that have been reversed. "Unhyped!" is one of the year's most interesting albums, that maps new alternative boundaries in the electronica scene. Joe and Patrick have been producing since the early nineties. They met while in college for audio engineering at which time they also became deeply involved with the then budding east coast rave scene. They use their engineering skills and develop a way to create the music they produced live. Originating as one of the pioneer electronic live acts in the underground rave scene back in 1992, they developed a loyal following throughout the U.S. and Canada. Known for their COMPLETELY LIVE show, without DAT, or CDs, each show is a distinct and special showcase of their talents. In 1995, Joe co-founded Brooklyn Music Ltd, a collective of labels dedicated to releasing underground dance music.The Atomic Babies can be heard on over 50 Compilations worldwide including Frankie Bones Factory 101, One World Electronica, The Electronic Eye (for Calvin Klein), Digital Empire 1 (which sound scanned over 235,000 units - one of the higest selling electronic music compilation in America to date), Digital Empire 2 and Studio Wars, Jack Dangers/Meat Beat Manifesto Pro.File v1, Frankie Bones Pro.File v.2, “Better Living through Circuitryâ€? soundtrack and Donald Glaude Off The Hook. They have also remixed artists such as Lords of Acid, Frankie Bones, DJ Dan, Felix Da Housecat, and Ming & FS to name a few. The group can also be seen in the movie “Better Living Through Circuitryâ€?, a nationally distributed movie about the pioneers in elctronic music as well as heard on the soundtrack released by Moonshine Music. They can be heard in one of the main scenes of the Larry Clark film “Bullyâ€?, on the MTV BioRhythm for Eninem, and The X-Games. **KID ICARUS -- Dallas, TX Prototype Industries / Topaz Coming straight out of the gate with some of the hardest beats and toughest basslines this side of the Atlantic, Kid Icarus will get you moving. After succesfully tearing up the decks in Daytona and Orlando, we are proud to have him return to his first outdoor event in Central Florida. With a BBC charted "Hello Tomorrow" and recently signed remake of Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me", Icarus is guarenteed to rock the dancefloor with his signature techy sound. **Raz -- Sarasota, FL Ultrapure / Funktopia / Kikwear The man who rocked audiences throughout North America, worked with nearly every major artist in electronic music to date and helped establish Florida West Coast dance music culture now makes a rare Orlando appearance to drop that energy on you once again! Prepare to pop off with full force! ( Special Sunrise Set ) **MARK SANCHEZ -- Daytona Beach, FL 808 Music Group With over 15 years of experience Mark's style is recognized statewide and beyond and now Mark has incorparated funky breaks into his sets which is the style of music that is really getting attention throughout the US. He has performed at nightclubs such as The Coliseum, Icon, Club RA in Las Vegas, The Amphitheater in Tampa, The House of Blues Concert Hall in Orlando Fl., just to name a few. He has opened for Dj Icey, D:Fuse & Paul Oakenfold, Baby Anne, Crystal Method, Sharaz, Donald Glaude, Christopher Lawrence, Dj Rap, Jackal & Hyde, Monk of Hallucination and many others. Mark is also known to be one of the best up and coming promoters in Central Florida with successful shows like The 1st Sunrise NYE events in Central Florida and also for bringing in International Dj's to local night club events. He is definitely a DJ to keep your eyes on during the new millennium. With his extensive experience, natural talent and now together with 808 Music Group he is without a doubt one of Florida's top emerging DJ/producers. **DETOX -- Pensacola / Gainesville, FL Dream / ze'nith / Promise Family In High School, Detox (Darrell Carter) began his clubbing life. Frequenting teen-nights like The Odyssey, which was held in the current Bedlam location, Darrell began to feel and experience the effect that dance music can have on people. Darrell bought his first set of records early in 1996, which consisted of Breakbeat, Hip-Hop and some Trance. Believe Productions was promoting Tuesday nights at The Office, so Darrell was able to get behind the decks and gain experience making people dance. He dubbed himself D-Tox, defined as "cleansing the soul" or "freeing the mind of troubles". In the summer of 1996, Darrell met formed a close bond with another young DJ, Philip Moore (Aquanaun). By the end of 1996, both were residents of rising Dream Productions, which now promoted events at the Liquid Lounge. 1997 saw Darrell become a resident of Ze'nith of Panama City Beach. After throwing a series of successful events in Panama City and repeatedly having trouble (with the city) opening a nightclub on the beach, Ze'nith packed their bags and moved to Gainesville, Florida in the Summer of 1998. Darrell decided move to Gainesville as well in August of 1999. In Gainesville, Darrell has continued to improve on the success he's had in his short four-year career. Playing twice a week for Ze'nith at Soulhouse and Simon's Loft, Darrell has improved his versatility by leaps and bounds yet still retains a very uplifting style. ------ **PAN - CYDE TRIBE -- Pensacola / Sarasota, FL Promise Family / 4thenod.com After almost ten solid years of devoting themselves to pushing the envelope of the Panhandle sound, this dynamic pair have been relentless supporting the sound of the underground. Dj Happ - E held residency at the world famous Club LaVela during the heyday of Spring Break during the mid 90's. DJ 101 was a prominent breakbeat DJ who had been making heads turn within the Florida breakbeat community, especially the Pensacola and Panama City underground dance scene. After playing a few impromptu house parties these guys decided their sounds could be developed into one of the most outstanding tag teams in the entire Southeast. **COMIC -- Gainesville, FL Promise Family / finddirection.net / Therapy After years of acquiring a small, yet eclectic library of vinyl, Ben scored his first set of tables in 1991. With hip-hop deejay aspirations and a very limited knowledge of mixing, he existed in a bedroom deejay vacuum until Halloween 1993. Cutting his teeth in the late 90's Gainesville house party circuit, Comic earned his first gig at the now legendary Simons nightclub and secured his first club residency at Full Circle within 3 months of arriving in Gainesville. 1999 saw the birth of Direction as well as Comic's first foray into the world of event promotions, hosting the seminal Gainesville weekly. In 2000 Comic achieved regional deejay status, securing gigs in Ocala, Tallahassee, Melbourne, and New Orleans, as well as numerous Gainesville and Jacksonville bokings. Along with an increase in performances, 2001 saw the beginning of Comic's residency at Jacksonville's Therapy Sessions. This provided him the opportunity to perform with acts like Dara, Bad Company, John B, A-Sides, Juju, Dieselboy, and Aphrodite, as well as establish himself as one of the area's top 2 step/UK garage deejays. With 2002 came a residency at the now defunct Frolik d'n'b weekly in Gainesville, and bookings with acts like Reid Speed, Planet of the Drums, and Aphrodite. And with a new spot on the Promise Family artist roster, 2003 has been Comic's most prolific year to date. **JORY JOHNSON- b2b Rain -- Atlanta, GA Promise Family / M.I.L.K After ten years of bringing the best talent to the forefront of the Atlanta dance scene, these veterans of the decks are making their Florida debut. Jory holds the crowds attention with with his progressive blend, while Rain shatters the mold with his impressive broken beats. After a brilliant sonic display at Holiday Massive, these fine souls have decided to spice things up bit down south. You could say this set might be called Thunder and Rain... cuz theyre pouring hot funk all over the decks. **KIT MOBLEY [ Ft. Lauderdale, FL ] Promise / Hazmat / KitMobley.com His reputation usually precedes him wherever he goes. Known throughout the industry for a variety of accomplishments, this gentleman has rescued more events from disaster than I can remember. Whether behind the scenes or in front of the decks, this electronic maestro has earned our respect. Graphics design, visuals, production, web design, printing, lighting design, sound engineering... all areas he feels comfortable with. Truly one of the most hard working artists in the electronic community. **KOMBUSTION -- Sarasota, FL Promsie Family / Urban Bounce / Mad Rhythm What happens when you take a true Hardcore Breakbeat enthusiast from the UK and drop him onto Central Florida? Since the Mid 90's this maniac from Liverpool has been one of the main supporters down south. A proud member of Urban Bounce, this veteran of the London scene isnt afraid to show everyone what hes made of. **BELROCK -- Atlanta, GA Sonic Geometry / Promise Family / n10siveKare Unit Forging a name in the underground dance scene isn't easy. Especially when you champion the sound of Hardcore. The true roots of late night rave can be found in the early days of the London Hardcore scene. With an impressive record bag, a style that is unique and exciting, this Atlanta pro is finally being given his due here in Central Florida. Recently he was signed to Sonic Geometry and within the next year we can expect to see great things from this talented artist. **404 ERROR -- Atlanta, GA Sonic Geometry / Promise Family / n10siveKare Unit Pounding Hi-NRG / Tech Trance with a funky edge would be a suitable description for the sound this duo brings to the forefront. With explosive record bags, this dancehall demolition crew might just make you move. 404Error was created last April and is composed of Zan and Zandy. Combined they have been rocking dance floors for over two years. Both of them bring a unique style and flavor to a genre Atlanta has been known to love. This is still only the beginning of their journey. This will be their first Florida appearance. **ARTURO VITO -- Daytona Beach, FL Promise Family An artist is defined not only by their work, but how they approach everyday life. Like a rare gem, we uncovered this talented soul near Daytona Beach, FL. He is a musical virtuoso by every stretch of that definition. His ear for quality and sound engineering leads him to select only the finest tracks gracing our scene today. Art has been a very prominent figure behind the scenes in Central Florida, building bridges with everyone he meets. His warm smile and kind manner shouldn't fool you though, his record bag comes packed with a serious punch. Early next year he will be entering the studio to release his first official promo CD due out WMC 2004. ----- And Many, Many More T.B.A. (Don't forget to check back) Temporary Support Line – (205)-447-3799 Sound and Lighting Provided By: Everlast Productions Please Carpool As Much As Possible. Do Not Speed To The Venue!!! Backpacks are allowed. No Drugs, Wepons, or Bad Vibes in any way shape or form permitted. Please come with a smile. Friendly and Strict Security on site all night. NOBODY has directions as of yet... Directions in full to the event will be released on Wednesday at 12:00 NOON. Call info llines or e-mail for the directions in full.... *****Mulberry on the flyer is a miss-point***** Welcome to the tru undaground !!!!!! The event has also been moved to a 250+ acre field because of the enormous amount of response we have had. It will be a open air event. We have gotten a 5 times bigger resonse in the past 2 weeks so the original venue we felt was not adequate enough for all the parking that will occur. You are all allowed to bring tents and camping gear to the event. WE ENCOURAGE IT!!! There will be well enough space for everyone. If there are still people left after 8a.m. we will keep going untill everyone has had enough!!!! WoOp WoOp! VENDOR INFO:: If you would like to be a vendor for the event please call (205)-447-3799... Support Lines - (205)-447-3799 (407)-361-8110 (607)-227-9125 (407)-346-9330 E-mail Support - [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] -ScoobyDooWhereRU Promotions:idea: