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  1. black review

    im not stressin' it.. i have surpassed the club thing a loong time ago ,I have been out 4 times in the past year ( hey im an old skooler,i can't hang like i used to..)and I am fine with it...Clubs to me are about the music...the vibe & chillin'..Nothing can ever compare to MY club days.....back,back back in the day....well not that far back
  2. black review

    Let me just say....last,last weekend BLACK was packed..music was slammin', good times.good vibes...not this week Let me 1st say that it is pathetic that people can't hang..dont know how to act and they dont know when to chill out, I never in my life have seen such nonsense... .I WITNESSED 5 YEARS OF THE CRAZIEST ANTICS AND PARTIES IN LIMELIGHT,USA,TUNNEL AND MANNNY AFTER HOURS TO BOOT. i HAVE NEVER SEEN,HEARD OR KNEW ABOUT ANYONE OD'ING OR OUTOF CONTROL TO THE POINT OF WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW....& WE'RE TALKING ABOUT A CLUB SCENE SO INSANE THAT A MOVIE AND SEVERAL BOOKS WERE WRITTEN ABOUT IT(EARLY 90'S)...I understand the reasons for security & searching but COME ON!!!!!its out of control!!!!!!!! this past Sat...horrid..empty,and The little rooms that look like prison cells..were right on point..Every lipgloss was confiscated from the girls,eye drops were considered a concealed drug, I never knew wearing contact lenses would make me a suspect! I felt more violated then having to shit,shower & shave at woodstock with 600,000 people in 99' Our timing turned out to be an episode of "cops" ...while waiting to be searched..my boyfriend was alongside a guy that was concealing DRUGS....needless to say he (the guy)was handcuffed & arrested & brought into a room with FBI waiting. .the security guards threw my man against the wall o/s the room, grabbed his ID & treated him like a felon...ummmmmmm he wasnt doing ANYTHING wrong or carrying any drugs...the guy has never been arrested & has been out to a club MAYYYBE 5 times in his life.Then 5 HUGE sec. guards surrounded him & threw him in the room as well....NAHHHHHH that shit aint right..When the head FBI,DEA or whatever she was...woman saw what happened...she was like " why is he here? he was searched & has NOTHING!!!!, let him go" & my boyfriend told her they had his ID..she was LIVID! What they did was out of line and just poor judgement & poor training. Thank god Im moving to Miami...for the sun & beach,,,Miamis club scene is done,,but NY's is beyond DONE
  3. Jp ((the Low Down!!))

    I like Funkmaster Flex...oh DJ Clue, and spinderella...LMAO!!!
  4. F News: United States of America vs. Richard Grant

    This doesnt shock me..i was a nightly Limelight chik in the 90's..nothing was as insane as those nights!!!
  5. DEEP? where is it?

    now that's cool....it automatically gave me a link..hehe
  6. DEEP? where is it?

    Thanks...got a guest list #?
  7. DEEP? where is it?

    thanks...but where on earth was ohm? is it 22st bet 5 & 6th? Thats around the corner from Limelight & VIP.
  8. DEEP? where is it?

    Ok crazzzy question but instead of calling & sounding like an ass, Is it the old tunnel? my friend says yes, I say no..it's on 22 street ...am I right? I looked on the web but i'm not sure. that's what happens when u went to limelight 5 days a week for 5 years in the 90's LOL burrrnt:blown: