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  1. The Reason I have a problem voting for Clark

    This was a NATO sanctioned action- all done in an attempt to end the genocide happening in Kosovo. While these 'military actions' never end well, I still respect the guy. In the end we did more good than harm.... just out of curiosity, who would you like to see win the Dem ticket??
  2. Politics & War: when in doubt, follow the money.

    Well said DiscoProJoe.... I'm impressed. Not to mention, I haven't thought about David Duke in years.... blech!!!
  3. America NEEDS another Great Depression.

    But what would happen to my internet??? And would I still be able to afford gas for my behemoth SUV..... or buy Polo jeans & Lorac cosmetics??? I can see I'm going to have to give some serious thought to this 'depression' issue.
  4. German newspaper claims Bin Laden captured.

    If we do, indeed, have him and aren't bragging about it yet, I wouldn't expect to hear of his 'capture' until late-summer. Just in time to boost Dubya's approval rating before the election.