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  1. Should I go alone??

  2. Should I go alone??

    You will be fine..just dance and enjoy the music. Don't get too messed up because you won't have anyone watching your back. It's always fun and exciting going to a new place alone, there's tons of people there just like you, and I'm sure you'll meet and have a blast! Plus...you will meet so many cool peeps there, just start up a convo and before you know it, you'll have to choose which friend's go to to the next party with! have fun D-M
  3. After you give a girl a facial

    sooooooooooooo hilarious! nice one D-M
  4. After you give a girl a facial

    Hey, Ede.. with ya 100%. Some women may like it, others don't..it's a personal thing, and it doesn't make anyone a whore. (unless they want to be..lol) Guys seem to turn things that THEY are scared and insecure about right back on the girl.. not cool.. that's ok though, we can read a bullshit-loser a mile away. Guys like to talk shight with eachother..but, ya never know what really goes on behind closed doors..no do we?? haha! Yeah, they probably get drenched in the face by their women and are totally embarrassed about loving it!! hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! No, jk. seriously.. not judging anyone here, just hate dishonesty. You are a cool guy Ede..and will have the best women by your side for sure. btw- love the esoteric way..it's the ONLY way.. the inner meanings are hidden, but they are there for those who have the eyes to see. have a great weekend! D-M;)
  5. cardio question

    Hello Matik. You can do cardio 3-5 days a week, 20-30 mins a session. Do it until you get a good sweat going, in the morning is best. Cardio does not burn muscle unless you are doing a triathelon, no worries there. D-M
  6. who here loves muff diving

    "Box munching" sounds disgusting.. "licking her pussy until she came".... sounds nicer. ImO D-M