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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    .......... "You Are Sleeping" -- SHARAM Deep Dish Afterhours....loving this track
  2. BoReDdddddddddddddd

    Is it possible to die from boredom, b/c I think I'm on the cusp.
  3. this summer....

    I have a house in Belmar...can't wait for D'Jais happy hour!
  4. Meet (good food, lounge after 10 or something) Lotus Patria (amazing cuban food, good atmosphere) Noche (great seafood, killer decor) ...and obviously Nobu (althougt it's hell getting a reservation)
  5. sopranos march 7

    I know; it's ridiculous. I don't even remember what happened last season. The promos look crazy though!
  6. I'm going out on a cd run to save me from this boring friday....what's everyone's favorite recent discs that have come out? (My current fav's are Sander Kleinenberg: Renaissance Presents Everybody & GU Toronto: Sharam Afterclub Mix)
  7. Deep Dish Postponed

    That's kind of sad. I was getting excited. Oh well, the 20th works too. Maybe it will be warmer then.
  8. Deep Dish 2/6

    Tickets are $25...no guestlists as of now....doors open at 10...still waiting to find out if you can buy tix in advance. I CAN'T F'IN WAIT!!!!
  9. Deep Dish 2/6

    Anybody going?