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  1. Nevermind....
  2. Big Jewish Parties on Christmas Eve

    What are you implying?
  3. Big Jewish Parties on Christmas Eve

    What are you implying?
  4. Big Jewish Parties on Christmas Eve

    What are you implying?
  5. Can you please send me the link to the 'Pump Up the Volume' movie. You mentioned that you posted it but I had trouble finding it
  6. In New York there isnt too much for Funky, Disco House. Bad Boy Bill is close enough and he is here once a month now at Avalon with his new residency. DJ Dan will also be here in a few weeks who has a similar style. I would reccomend anyone into Funky, Disco house to check out Junior Jack & Kid Creme this weekend. They are pretty damn good! There is also a great local DJ Duo named Airloom Music who spin Funky, Disco, Soulful house. Check out their site: www.airloommusic.com
  7. cover for Bad Boy Bill

    I have to agree with you. I never thought I would here the tracks I did from an American DJ. It was pretty much an Antoine Clamaran set with Bad Boy Bill's mixing ability.
  8. for the soulful house heads...

    Link seems to be down "Requested file not found. The link you followed may be outdated or inaccurate"
  9. Cielo seems to be having a lot of great parties. I guess I will just have to wait untill im 21 to go.
  10. Video of TONY HUMPHRIES mixing it up

    Tony is a living legend! For those who are interested....here is Tony's site where he posts some mixes and other information/media. http://www.yellorange.com/netshows/netshows.html
  11. Classics Review!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im not going to mention any names....but why do people insist on using poor english in their posts?
  12. cover for Bad Boy Bill

    Antoine Clamaran is my favorite DJ. He can perfectly blend tribal beats with some real funky house. I make sure to always tune in to his Weekly sets. If that was BBB on his off day then..... I would like to see DJ Dan and Richard Humpty Vission. When are they scheduled? I have been lobbying to everyone I know to book Antoine Clamaran...I really hope it happens. Last years booking of Clamaran at spirit was cancelled.
  13. cover for Bad Boy Bill

    I agree, he is a great DJ and a wonderful producer. I have never seen Bad Boy Bill before in my life but when I heard the songs he was playing I was in awe. I never in my life thought I would here these funky house tunes in a NY club ever! Sure there were some songs that were harder than others but to say he had an off night is a misjudgment. There were about 3 Eric Pydz tracks played last night. What more could you ask for?
  14. cover for Bad Boy Bill

    If you consider Antoine Clamaran tracks "Harder House" then you might need a lecture on House Music. 75% of the tracks played last night were from his label.
  15. cover for Bad Boy Bill

    Bottom line....If you didn't like Bad Boy Bill's set then you don't like house music! Everyone there that night....David Garcia, Steve Smooth and Bad Boy Bill had a great set and I think the night was programmed very well. Straight Up House and no Progressive garbage!