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    Nothing you really need to know. Just that I love to dance my ass off to hard house and trance. Um, I think that's it.
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    Taken by Frankie B:-)
  1. ONE NIGHT ONLY: Tiesto @ Crobar, Wed 2/23

    I just got back from Crobar. Tiesto did an amazing job. I had an unbelievable time!
  2. The Old Soundfactory Space reopening???

    Thanks for the info. Appreciated!
  3. The Old Soundfactory Space reopening???

    I was being sarcastic. However, if I did compliment myself, what would be the wrong in that? Sadly, there are not enough people in this world (at least the ones I've encountered) that have a healthy dose of confidence and faith in themselves; I am not one of those people and will not allow anyone to let me believe otherwise. With that stated, I hope I have answered your question Adios!
  4. The Old Soundfactory Space reopening???

    That's a classic. You know, I've been said to look like Maria Callas, but never the Wolfman. That's a first! Sadly, I don't think most people would agree with you, my dear. I would expect more camaraderie from the people of this board. But then again, there will always be haters out there God bless, be safe, and take care!
  5. The Old Soundfactory Space reopening???

    Sweetie, The the eyebrows are tattooed and they look fabulous! Oh, drag queens love them too. I'm glad you noticed them
  6. Does ANYONE know anything about that? Supposedly the owners of Discotheque are taking over, but not reopening with the Soundfactory name. Could be someone else opening the space. Anybody wanna enlighten me a bit?
  7. ONE NIGHT ONLY: Tiesto @ Crobar, Wed 2/23

    I work Wednesday night until 4am most likely, getting to Crobar around 5am. Would it still even be worth it to go? Shit, since it's a weekday, they might close out earlier....
  8. How do you dance?

    What you guys doing this Thursday? Come hang out at Canal Room. DJ Kaskade and Colette are going to be spinning. I know I'm gonna be there showing off my dance skills Good times, Good times!
  9. How do you dance?

    Hmmm, I HAVE to agree with you on us being, well, HOT in the bedroom. There is this passion we have, this sensuality that just carries on into everything else we do, and that includes the dance floor. PURA CANDELA!
  10. Markus Schulz/Nu NRG @ Spirit, Fri 2/18

    I am definitely going to see Nu RNG and Markus. I wonder how packed it's going to be? I saw Morillo spin at Crobar last week and it was fucking sick!!!!! Soo many people I couldn't even move. If it's gonna be like that this Friday I am going to come very late... Can't wait!
  11. How do you dance?

    The music is what it's all about. Once it flows thru the body, the experience is almost orgasmic and out of this world. I forget who I am and where I am, and just muthaf*kn DANCE. I can hold my own pretty well, but then again, I've been dancing since I was 4 Oh yeah, did I tell you Latinas know how to move it???? Go with the flow is how I tell everyone else to do it and see where the music takes you... Good luck!