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  1. And make sure you tip the girls well! My baby works there so I will get full report on how you guys are treating them! I was told that the manager from hooters came and was crying about that stunt when they went and stole the customers and brought them over to sport sexy. lol
  2. supra mkiv or 350z?

    It's all about show. You are better of with single turbo. THe twin's are very laggy and they only put down mid 700rwhp. But they do look nice.
  3. supra mkiv or 350z?

    Do not buy from supra store. Go to www.horsepowerfreaks.com and ask for Chris. tell him Paul sent you.
  4. supra mkiv or 350z?

    A LOT MORE HP! Some guys put down close to 1000HP on stock motor
  5. supra mkiv or 350z?

    My car pulled 1.18G on the skid pad. When stock it did .96. I have TEIN suspension and 285/30/18 tires n the rear. And the reason why older supras are not as CRISP as a newer supra, it's because of the worn out bushings. Change them and you have a CRISP car again As far as brakes, they are made by summitomo. They make racing brakes for race cars and bikes. Car and driver said " Supra brakes were the best brakes that we ever tested on a production car" Test of a stock supra
  6. supra mkiv or 350z?

    P.s. Cool board :party: