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  1. Piciotto Review!!!!!!!!!

    hes crazy but.. hes not techno..techno is like 300 beats per min...his shyt was like 170 & he dropped proggressive trance as well as like hard deep house...he rocked that place but i herd em go off a couple times.. he would bring back the record n scratch it bak in n set it on point a couple times.. but all in all he did a fantastic job...m /a /u /r /o /p/ i /c/ c/ i/ o /t /t o/ that song was hot..he ripped that at like 5 or 6 in the morning!...i held the dance floor down pretty well.. wit my glasses n collard shirt wit slacks..dizeled out.. hope 2 c ya bak @ the avalon nxt saturday!...les keep this crowd alive!!!