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  1. morillo anyone?

    just wondering if anyone here is going this evening and/or if anyone is down to help out a newbie with a meet up? poss got one of my boys coming with, otherwise im a lone guy hitting up this party, let me know if i got any takers here, thanks again.
  2. new in town, question about afterhrs

    sounds cool to me, im just a bit bummed that his set will only be about 2-3 hrs, makes me question the trip out. anyways, thankx for the prompt info, very informative and friendly, better than the bickering on the nyc boards ill tell ya
  3. new in town, question about afterhrs

    thanks for the info, but the website is not all that informative, i hate to be a pain in the ass but what is it most like in nyc, whats time will it run till. morillo is def on of my favs if not my fav so im thinkin bout checkin it out
  4. Just moved out here from nyc, got word that eric morillo is gonna be at a place called circus feb 7. Just curious about this place/nite. Will it go late or does it end like 4? what time does the headliner usually go on? HOw is the spot? Anyone here checking it out? Could use a night of good music in la, not like nyc at all here, my car system can only do so much. thanks for the info.